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Facebook Live Now – Going Live on Facebook is one very common thing people now do. When you hear the word “Facebook Live”, it refers to live broadcasts done by individuals, or even organizations. Most organizations (Companies and Religion) make use of Facebook as a means to reach a large number of audiences. Facebook has a very wide audience compared to other social media platforms. The introduction of new technologies like Facebook Live has made it easier for broadcasts to be made even without having any broadcasting rights. You can start a live broadcast and invite lots of persons to join you in your broadcast. Any time someone joins, you get notified and your audience is allowed to respond by leaving comments and reacting to your broadcast.

Facebook Live Streaming Now

Social media marketers and Religious organizations make use of this tool the most. Now, seminars and meetings as held on Facebook using the Facebook Live feature. As you stream live, you can interact with your audience with so much ease because it shows you and your audience are at the same place at the same time. People are used to streaming videos on Facebook but the Facebook Live feature has brought about a new way to stream videos since you get to catch up with events as they happen. Facebook users have made use of this tool to start their own online classes and channels since starting a radio or tv channel of theirs may probably be difficult. Facebook has broken this barrier by giving people the opportunity to air their events live without paying a dime. You can sit in the comfort of your home or office and create a live video where you express your thoughts in any area for the world to see. After every broadcast, your event gets saved on Facebook. Meaning, your audience can go back and watch them in case they missed anything.

How to Go Live on Facebook

To start your own live broadcast on Facebook, simply follow the steps below:

  • Sign in your Facebook account using the mobile app or web browser
  • Where you have you News Feed, click the camcorder icon (Live option)
  • Enter a video description
  • On the bottom right corner, click the ellipsis to select a privacy setting
  • Enter a Facebook Live lens or filter
  • Click “Start Live Video” button

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