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Facebook Live Service – The live service feature on Facebook is one that has been around for quite a while, giving content creators the avenue to gather audience through live content.

Facebook is known to possess lots of features, many that give one an advantage when interacting with the platform.

The platform has grown to be one of the most accessible social media platforms, known to both old and young.

The 21st century saw the birth of Facebook and over the years its development has grown from good to better.

The platform packs a lot of features for business, entertainment, everything, and anything one needs and looks forward to.

On this prestigious platform, the birth of so many other information-technology platforms have been seen.

Of the many features and benefits one can enjoy from the Facebook platform, the Facebook live service is one that has been generalized as it is accessible to all and any who wants access to it.

The Facebook Live service has been and can be used for Vlogs, live events such as webinars, concerts, and more. This service has been used by lifestyle personalities, religious bodies, Fundraisers, entertainers, TV stations, and individuals who have the need to use it as a form of disseminating information.

This service has no doubt proven to be useful as many have found a way to use it in the way and form, they deem fit.

One of the most amazing features of Facebook Live service is its monetization by hosts, this means, a host has the ability to earn money for going live.

So far, this perk is what has motivated many into going live on Facebook.

The next section gives details of how one can access Facebook live and its associated services.

How To Access Facebook Live Service?

To have access to the Facebook Live service, one needs an internet connected device, a mobile or PC.

With the mobile device, one needs the Facebook mobile application, while with the PC, one needs a web browser.

How to Access Facebook Live Using Mobile

To access Facebook Live service on mobile, the steps below should be followed,

  • On the mobile device, launch the Facebook application
  • When the mobile application is launched, on its interface, just below the β€œwhat’s on your mind” tab, click on Live
  • Once Live is clicked, one is taken to a menu with settings for the live video, after which one can go live when one is done with the settings

How to Access Facebook Live Service Using PC

Accessing Facebook Live using PC, one needs a web browser and an internet enabled PC after which the steps below should follow,

  • On the PC, Launch the web browser
  • When the web browser is launched, click on the URL tab and type in, www.facebook.com/live/producer
  • Do well to log in and have access to the Facebook Live service and its tools

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