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Facebook Live Telecast – How to Broadcast on Facebook Live | Facebook Live Programmes – In times past, disseminating information through broadcast wasn’t in any way easy. Only Radio and TV stations which had certain required facilities could do this. Broadcasting has been a very huge means through which transmission of programs can be done.

Now, with the introduction of the Facebook Live Telecast, individuals from all around the world can start their own broadcast and it would be transmitted to every part of the world. You don’t need to own a TV or Radio Station to do this. Note, Facebook is the large social media platform in the world. This is to let you understand that, FB gives you more opportunities to reach a large amount of audience than any other platform or even station. Facebook has you covered by using a feature on their platform called “Facebook Live”.


What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a service on Facebook which aids individuals or organizations create live broadcasts using their mobile devices or desktop directly to their News Feed. One very striking thing about this feature is, you can get a lot of persons to participate and as they participate, you get to see them. You are notified of people who join your broadcast including their reactions to it (Likes and Comments).

This is a very easy means for anyone to create awareness about just anything. Since April 2016 when it was introduced, Facebook users have taken advantage of this to reach out to other FB users from all around the world. Religious Organizations, Businesses, Brands, Individuals, etc. are well known for making good use of it to spread information. Even celebrities still use it as a means to reach out to their fans. Certain profitable movements have also been facilitated through the Facebook Live Broadcast.


How to Start a Facebook Live Telecast

You can broadcast on Facebook using your mobile device or desktop. Also, as you do your broadcast, you can analyze the performance of your videos and learn certain tips on how to get the most out of it. To start your own FB Live Telecast, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Camera Icon found at the left-hand side of your FB search bar
  • Grant Facebook the permission to use your microphone and camera
  • At the bottom of your camera, Switch to Live
  • Decide your settings for privacy and post
  • Add an attractive description
  • Add activity, select your location, Tag your friends
  • You can choose to add filters, lenses, writing, etc. to your video
  • Tap Start Live Video

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