Facebook Marketplace App – Facebook Marketplace Access 2022

The Facebook Marketplace App 2022 packs a lot of features to help small, large and medium scale business owners.

Ever had a place where you can shop and look for whatever you want? Facebook marketplace is the place.

Although an online platform, Facebook marketplace has proven to be reliable to both business owners and customers.


This marketplace serves as an online store integrated into the Facebook platform; it is also part of Facebook’s plan to integrate into the business space.

Facebook business has paved a way for people who engage in online buying and selling of goods and services.

Through Facebook’s business marketplace, one is sure of getting value for one’s money on the trusted platform.

Facebook marketplace App 2022 is an App in app platform, this means that the platform is embedded on the Facebook platform and there is no separate app.


To get the latest features of the Facebook Marketplace App in 2022, one needs to update one’s Facebook application.

The steps on how to access Facebook Marketplace on the Facebook app in 2022 are given in the next section.


Steps on How to Access Facebook Marketplace App

Getting access to Facebook marketplace, one needs the Facebook mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

The Facebook app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apps Store for iOS devices.

Once the App is Downloaded, the steps below should be followed to Access the Facebook Marketplace App 2022,

  • Open the Facebook mobile application on your Android device
  • Tap on the Hamburger button (the three horizontal lines) on the top right of the application interface
  • When the menu is opened, scroll down and tap on Marketplace
  • From there on, you can have access to the Facebook marketplace platform, buying and selling products of one’s feat.

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