Facebook Marketplace App Review – How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace | Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace App Review – How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace | Selling on Facebook Marketplace – Technically, we could call a marketplace an area where marketing activities such as buying, selling and advertising could take place. Facebook improves every day not just as a social media but also as a marketplace, it took advantage of a large number of people using it and created business features that will make running business on Facebook easy and smooth.

Facebook Marketplace is an ads service that helps users advertise goods and services for sale thereby connecting them with potential buyers. It’s very easy to sell and buy on Facebook because there is no tax collected, it’s a buyer to seller interaction; making it easy to negotiate and find out more about the product or goods to be sold. Facebook is not an online mall per say but its features are perfect to create a marketing atmosphere

Facebook marketplace is the perfect platform to sell and buy popular goods and services, bulky or breakable items i.e. items that won’t be easily carried to a far distance, so it has to be sold to someone close by, electronic gadgets or children stuffs. It is not advisable to buy rather expensive things on Facebook. Facebook is largely populated, so there is almost nothing you can’t find on it, but be warned, beware of scams, once you start noticing strange things about the seller and the goods, do not buy. I will advise you to buy from trusted and credited people with good history about Facebook Marketplace or someone who you have been acquainted with on the application.

How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace

To do this, you must have a Facebook account

  • Go to the Facebook page and click on the three-lined icon
  • Click on the marketplace, has a building icon
  • If you want to sell, click on “selling” on the top right corner
  • Fill in all the details requested about what you aim to sell
  • Click on photo to add a picture about it and click post
  • To buy, follow the first two steps, and click on the item you want to buy
  • Click on “ask for details” to send a message to the seller asking for information about the goods or services.

Unlike e-bay and any other online mall, a face to face meeting can be scheduled between the buyer and seller after negotiating the condition and terms of the item, this will reduce the risk of getting a wrong, bad or different item. Although Facebook does not have a large amount of audiences like e-bay or any other online mall, it promises to have because of the gain and ease in which items are sold and the kind of clarity it provides between a buyer and seller.

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