Facebook Messenger Chat Update – Facebook Chat Messenger – Facebook Messenger 2020

Facebook Messenger Chat Update – Facebook Chat Messenger – Facebook Messenger 2020 – If you are just set to get real-time connections, you should get the Facebook Chat Messenger app. This instant messaging feature built into Facebook is currently used by a large population of people out there. There is absolutely no doubt that we all want to connect with each other, keep in touch, and engage in so many fun activities. And if you have been a Facebook user, you should know that this social platform never gets tired of providing its users with real-time fun connections. With this, they have launched another fun feature just for you! Let’s dive in.

Facebook Chat Messenger

Since its launch in 2011, its success gave rise to a standalone app and website, which emerged in the year 2014. This application and website is an instant messaging service that helps to connect you with friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, customers, and so much more! It allows Facebook users to connect with each other and send instant messages, videos, photos, stickers, emojis, view stories, engage in calls, and other few tasks.

Facebook Messenger New Update

Facebook Chat Messenger

With the recent updates on the ground, you are now able to create a cartoon version of yourself using Messenger. Not just that! You can also make use of the new Messenger Rooms feature, which enables video calls for up to 50 people at a time. There are just so many other amazing features that can help you keep in touch with people from around the globe.

Facebook Messenger 2020

Be together whenever and wherever, with the free Facebook Chat Messenger app for smartphones or web for PC. It is an all-in-one communication feature with unlimited text, video calls, audio calls, group chat, and so much more! As long as you’ve got your Android phone, iOS phone, or a computer, you are just good to go!

There is absolutely no doubt you would love to find out the amazing features you get once you get a Messenger app or use the Messenger web for PC.

New! Get your Group Together with Messenger Rooms

A new feature just dropped on the Facebook Chat Messenger platform! You get to host up to 50 people in one video call – isn’t that amazing?

Enjoy Free Video Calls

Apart from text messaging, you also get to engage in free video calls with your friends on the chat messaging platform. This comes with high-quality audio, fun video features such as face filters, and high-definition video.

Unlimited Text and Phone Calls

You can also keep in touch with friends using the normal text messaging function; not just that! You can also send and receive phone calls right within Messenger!

Dark Mode

Are the white lights and backgrounds not fair on your eyes? You just do not have to worry! Using the Dark Mode, you get to switch to dark or grey backgrounds. This helps your eyes and phone battery life.

Send Videos, Photos, and Files

You do not just get to send messages, stickers, emoji, and all of that. You also get to send and share videos, photos, and other documents to your friends out there.

There are just so many amazing features too many to mention. All you have to do is get the Facebook Chat Messenger app into your smartphone or go through the Messenger web for PC.

Facebook Messenger App Download

The Messenger app is available for Android and iOS smartphones. From the app store on your device, you can download the app right away. Once you get it, you could either log in using your Facebook account details or create a separate Messenger account. To download the app, stay right in this part of the article.

  • Open the Google play store or Apple app store.
  • In the search bar, type in and search for “Messenger.”
  • You will find search results on the next page. Find and tap on this app.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Install” or “GET” button.

This will begin the download process of the app. Once it is done, you have to log in if you’ve got an account or create a new one.

Facebook Web Messenger

The web version of this chat messaging feature is available for PC on https://www.messenger.com/. Here, you have to sign in using your Facebook

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