Facebook Messenger Pick Me Home Game – How to Play Pick Me Home on Facebook

Facebook Messenger Pick Me Home Game – How to Play Pick Me Home on Facebook – Pick Me Home – This is a pickup and dropoff game where players get to pick up customers to their various destinations and get paid for their service. Pick Me Home is very unique in the sense that it gives you an idea of how transportation chains work. Currently, there are over 1 million individuals playing this game on Facebook. It is one of those instant games which you can enjoy during your leisure. This game is very simple and can be played by just anyone.


Complete Details on Facebook Messenger Pick Me Home Game

At your introduction to this game, you are going to be given a car meaning, you get to act as the driver. As you click to start, you are expected to pick up your client from his/her residence (Home). Once your client enters your vehicle, the journey begins.

The car in question moves with a uniform velocity but once you apply a little pressure with your finger, you can move the car as fast as you want. Your payment is dependent on the success of the trip. As soon as your client arrives at his/her destination which could be the office, mall, etc. You get paid.

You earn more for yourself so long as you keep completing every trip. The roadway pattern is different for every level. As you play, you are awarded more money even before the end of your trip from points you pick up as you move. Make sure you watch out for other vehicles moving on the roadway because any collision with them brings your gameplay to an end. Also, ensure you follow the green arrows which help in directing you on the right path to follow.


How to Play Facebook Messenger Pick Me Home Game on Your Mobile Device

To access Pick Me Home Game on Facebook Messenger, follow the steps below:

•          Launch your Facebook Messenger app on your device (Android or iOS)

•          Sign in by entering your details that is, if you are not already signed in

•          Using the search bar at the top of your page, search Pick Me Home

•          Click Play Game and wait a few seconds for access to be granted


How to Play Facebook Messenger Pick Me Home Game on the Web

To play this game using the Facebook web version, follow the steps below:

•          Login your FB account using your default browser

•          Use the search bar at the top and search Instant Games

•          Click the instant games page

•          On the page, you would be directed to, click Play Games

•          Search Pick Me Home

•          Once it displays click Play Game

•          Wait a few seconds for it to load

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