Facebook Messenger Rope Help – How to Play Facebook Messenger Rope Help Game

Facebook Messenger Rope Help is one top-notch puzzle game on Facebook having over 2.2 million players. This is one of FB’s tactical instant games which a lot of users are addicted to. This game looks funny at your first introduced to it because you may be like “What sort of a game is this”. But I can assure you it’s one of those games which helps you think strategically.

Details of Facebook Messenger Rope Help Game

In this game, you have a group of stickmen in different colors. You are required as a player to help all the stickmen get to safety. You aid the stickmen to get to their safe destinations by connecting the rope in such a way that all obstacle is overcome in order for the stickmen not to get harmed.

You would be continually presented with challenges that tend to be more difficult as you play because the obstacle would be arranged in more challenging patterns which would require you to think in other to successfully get the stickmen to their destination. Once the stickmen get to their destination safely, the challenge is completed. The more points you earn, you more leverage you are given to make a purchase from the store.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Rope Help Game

To access the Facebook Messenger Rope Help Game, you are required to have the FB Messenger App on your mobile device (IOS or Android). Kindly follow the steps below to enjoy this amazing game:

  • Make sure your device has a good wifi connection
  • Open your Facebook Messenger App
  • Get to the search bar at the top of your page
  • Enter “Rope Help” and search
  • Click “Play Game” and wait for it to finish loading

Yes, it is that easy to access the game.

NOTE: The beginning parts of the game are pretty easy but don’t think it will continue that way.

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