Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game – All You Need to Know

Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game – All You Need to Know – Thug Life game in another very interesting game you can play on Facebook. This game is so engaging to the point that over 7 million Facebook users play it. Thug life is a board game that is focused on gangster war. The essence of this game isn’t to promote gangsterism but to enlighten the public on what it is about and the kinds of activities carried out by gangs.

All You Need to Know About Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game

The storyline of this game revolves solely around gangsterism. As a player you get to become the leader of a gang and your duty is to mobilize your thugs to carry out crime and disrupt the peace of your urban residence by having endless warfare. Before you and your gang will be able to succeed in carrying out your operations, you will be requiring the following; Weapons, Great ole fashion muscles, Tactics.

As a gang, you are endlessly involved in the fight for territory because the more territories you occupy, the more respected you will earn from other gangs. You and your thugs would have to gain more chests as you successfully execute every operation. At the beginning of the Thug Life game, you are going to be given just a few cards and thugs. As you compete for respect in your urban resident, the person who achieves this respect first wins the game

The game’s setting is focused on the USA hood setting of streets in the downtown environment. Your challenges in this game are gangsters and cops. As a gangster, you get to do the following; fight, steal items, rob banks, and sell drugs. These operations will land you in jail and city hall as you play. As you advance in the game, you get to enjoy benefits like; parties, money, etc. Also, you can add other players as you advance. You can play with up to 9 of your friends.

How to Access Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game

Access to this game is really easy so long as you have a Facebook account. You can access the game using the Facebook web version or Facebook Messenger App. To start playing this Thug Life on Facebook, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook Messenger App. You can do this also on the web version
  • At the top where you have the search bar, search “Thug Life”
  • Click “Play Game” and relax for it to load completely.

You can see how easy it is right? You can also learn about the cheats you can use for winning this game.

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