Facebook Mobile App โ€“ How Do I Download the Facebook App โ€“ Download the Facebook App for Mobile

The Facebook mobile app is an extra added feature of Facebook. Facebook has become so popular and big so, creating an app was necessary. The mobile app is an application created by Facebook to enables accessing it easy. The Facebook mobile app is available to android, iPhones and Windows devices. The app makes it a lot easier for Facebook users to access. And they do not have to use their web browser to open their Facebook account whenever they want to.

With the app, you can access your Facebook account any time or anywhere you want to, plus you do not have to input your login details again after logging in. So the best option for you, if you are a Facebook user, is to download the app.

How to Download Facebook Mobile App

Downloading the app is easy, with an app store, you can easily download the app. App stores like Google play store and apple store. But if your phone does not have an app store, then you can download the app using your web browser. Just search for a Facebook app, look for the one with a better rating and download it.

Although Facebook now provides users with a free mode state, that is, you can use Facebook without data but to limited features. Using the mobile app has its own feature. So, to use the mobile app, you must have data (data connection) and you must have either an Android phone, iPhone or Windows device.

Aside from downloading the app, Facebook has its application added to some mobile phone systems. So they do not have to start downloading the app when they want to use it. Facebook has an aim to make sure everyone uses their platform, and they are obviously winning with over 1.8 billion users.

Using Facebook Mobile app

After downloading the app from an apps store, all that is left for you is to start enjoying the privileges of the app. Once the app is installed, open the app and enter the login details and start enjoying Facebook even better than before. To make it even better, you can sign up for a new Facebook account with the app anytime you want to.

Using the free mode can also be accessed through the app. A Facebook free app like I stated before, gives you the opportunity to use Facebook with getting charge for it. To access the free app mode, when you open the app. At the top right corner of your screen click free mode and start enjoying Facebook for free.

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