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Facebook MTN Free Mode – Facebook MTN Data – How to Activate Free Facebook on MTN | MTN Free Basics – Facebook isn’t only a social platform for booking fun trips and starting dates. You can likewise earn on Facebook, arrange or turn out to be important for a discussion on the application, and even utilize Influencers to assist you with advancing your Business Brand.

To assist you with doing of these things effectively on Facebook, the organization permits you to join on the application and appreciate Facebook Free Mode Data MTN. This unique promotion from MTN guarantees that you access each help on the FB Lite Mobile App.

In any case, it denies clients admittance to media contents, videos, and even audio clips requiring a lot of information. However, you can in any case get these features on the off chance that you have not been utilizing Facebook previously. Additionally, you won’t approach pictures, gifts, and some cell phones probably won’t have the option to send or get emojis.

Albeit this is like the past Zero Data promotion from Airtel Ng, Facebook Free Mode Data MTN outperforms it in certain perspectives. For one, it permits you to keep utilizing the Facebook Mobile App if by some stroke of good luck to send and get plain messages to your FB Friends.


Facebook MTN Free Mode

Is it astonishing to realize you can in any case stay aware of trends in the general public, add new friends, post on timelines, talk to loved ones and read some captivating posts in any event, when you are out of information?

It’s not mystery why companies and individual use it regularly to engage with their clients, customers and potential buyers around the world. You can choose to be part of this amazing adventure today by following the steps we’ll be providing for you today.

Free Facebook Data MTN Features

Facebook MTN Free Mode

Below are the available features on this Free Basics promo by MTN:

  • Add new friends
  • Update your Facebook status
  • View and change your profile picture
  • Send and receive messages
  • Search for friends on Facebook
  • Add new friends
  • Browse through Facebook

How to Enable Free Basics Facebook

In contrast to the typical change to Free Mode Feature on Facebook Lite, you can just utilize the MTN Free Mode Facebook after your Data Subscription ends.

On the off chance that you are utilizing the service to login into your current Facebook account, you have restricted choices on the application. Yet, another client may see, send, and get media pictures, recordings, and GIFs.

You can utilize the method underneath to get to the Facebook Free Mode Browsing Data accessible on MTN administration.

Facebook free mode is capped at 20mb per day which is more than enough to give you long hours of chatting, posting, adding friends and reading your from your timeline.

For more enquiry on Facebook Free Mode, do not hesitate to check out this site for latest update.


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