Facebook My Account Ads Advertisment Manager – How to Use Facebook Ads Manager Account | Facebook Ads Manager App

Facebook My Account Ads Advertisment Manager – How to Use Facebook Ads Manager Account | Facebook Ads Manager App – Facebook Ads Manager, serves as a starting point when you want to create an ad campaign or manage your ads on Facebook. Ads Manager also enables you to manage your ad and also create an advertising campaign in Instagram Messenger and also Audience Network. Majorly, the ads manager is more like your command center where you can easily monitor the progress of your ad campaign and also create multiple ads campaign. Learn how to use the Facebook Ads Manager for promoting your business online.

Furthermore, Facebook Ads Manager is an advertising management tool for Facebook. That allows you to run ads on Facebook, Instagram Messenger as well as Audience Network. The platform provides you with all the tools you need to create an ad,. Plus, with the Fb ads manager app, you can manage as well as monitor how well your advertising campaigns are performing. Another interesting thing is that it’s a powerful ad management tool and can be used by someone with little or no level of experience in advertising.

What to Use Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager App

On the contrary, there are various things in which you can make use of the Facebook ads manager as an advertiser. Currently, there are millions of small businesses and large businesses using Facebook as a medium to advertiser their business online. Here are some of the thing you can use Facebook ads manager for:

  • Create a New Ad Campaigns: with the Ads Manager you can set up an advertising campaign. Where you can select a wide range of marketing objective that includes Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Conversions, and lots more.
  • Review and adjust campaigns: Likewise, the platform makes it much easier for you to make so changes that include your budget, audience, placement, and more. Plus, you can add a pause to your campaign or relaunch your campaign if you want to.
  • Real-time ad reporting: with the use of the ads manager reporting tools you can easily check if your advertisement is greeting the right audience.

However, there are lots of exciting tools like Guided Creation and Quick Creation. That comes as an easy-to-use tool where you can select what kind of format you want to create your ad. Above all, the tools are well arrange when creating your ads campaign.

How to Download and Install the Facebook Ads Manager App

First of all, if you want to create a quick ad, ad set, and advertising campaigns. The Fb Ads Manager app offers you the quickest way. Where you can create an ad and also manage your advertising campaign. The Ads Manager app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

  • Go to the Play Store or iOS Store.
  • Search for the Ads Manager app.
  • Then, click on the Install or Get.

Afterward, you can sign in to your Facebook account in other to access the full potential or functionality of the Ads Manager app. Above all, this gives you the power to control and track your ads campaign anywhere, anytime, from your mobile phone.

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