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Do you know that you can now edit your Facebook News Feed Preferences? Of course, you can! The Facebook platform has granted its users the opportunity to decide whatever they want to appear on their News Feed – yes, this feature has been made possible on the Facebook platform. You can now choose the kind of contents you want to view on your Newsfeed and those you don’t want to.

As we all know, Facebook, has always been a hub for all forms of marketing and advertising for all marketers and business owners out there. and in a recent report, it was found that over 90 percent of advertisers and marketers make use of Facebook as a means of marketing and exposure for their business and enterprise.

And being a hub for so many people, different activities do go on within the platform. So, for you to control the kind of contents you get to see on your Facebook app.
Log in To Facebook – Facebook News Feed Preferences

For you to edit your Facebook News Feed Preferences, you have to log in to your Facebook account. and while on your account, you can adjust and edit these preferences in order to decide what you want to see on your Facebook account. So, if you do not know how to log in to Facebook, here’s how to log in;

For Android and IOS Devices
Open the Facebook app installed in your device – tap the blue β€œF” icon on your screen. Once the page is open, enter the phone number or email used to open the account. enter your Facebook password and click on Log In
For Desktop and Computers
For computers, the Facebook app cannot be installed, so computer users have to go through the Facebook website.
on your web browser, go to www.facebook.com
on the next page, enter your phone number or email address and password
click on Log In

now you know how to log in to your Facebook account, you can now adjust your Facebook News Feed Preferences.
How to Adjust Your Facebook News Feed Preferences
Adjust the Facebook News Feed Preferences
open and log in to the Facebook app using the log in processes above
go to the News Feed Preferences.
For Android, click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the page and select News Feed Preferences
For Computers, click on the downward triangular arrow at the top of the page and select News Feed Preferences
For iPhone – click on the three horizontal lines on the page, tap Settings and select News Feed Preferences
On the next page, there are different options for your News Feed Preference, let us start with the first one – prioritize who you want to see first. When you click on this, you will be prompted to select the people’s post you want to see first. Click on their names and tap Done.
Unfollow people to hide their posts – this is the second option for this. Select the people to unfollow so you do not get to see their posts on your feed. Once you are done with selecting, click on Done.
Discover the pages that match your interests – this is the last option. On this one, you decide the pages to follow so you get to find their uploads in your feed. After selection, click on Done.
Then on this same page, you will also find an option that helps you reconnect with the people you may have unfollowed in the past.

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