Facebook Night Dark Mode App – Facebook Night Mode App – Facebook App Dark Mode

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Facebook Night Dark Mode App – Facebook Night Mode App – Facebook App Dark Mode – Facebook Night Mode App – Facebook Night Mode otherwise known as Facebook Dark Mode is a feature introduced to the Facebook platform which gives the user interface a dark or night look. When you activate this feature, you will discover that your usual Facebook Interface becomes black. This makes your Facebook app appear unique, beautiful, and very attractive. Night Mode is an awesome Facebook theme a lot of Facebook users are really appreciating. We know the eyes are sensitive to light and too much of this light can have an adverse effect on the eye. This is why several platforms are now helping their users with the night mode theme. It is one theme which saves your battery capacity and helps it last even longer.

Facebook Night Mode

We are used to how the Facebook interface looks. That is the usual colorful Facebook platform which is made most especially of the colors white and blue. When you enable the Night Mode theme on Facebook, there is a different look it gives to your platform. You know, the first time I came across someone making use of the Facebook Night Mode, I had to ask, what app is this? The person laughed and said “It’s Facebook” but went ahead to explain that, he’s making use of the dark mode theme on Facebook. I didn’t even waste time to find out how I could enable it on my device. Beholding the beauty of the Facebook Night Mode makes you want to enable it immediately.

How to Enable Night Mode on Facebook Web Version

Most persons think you can only activate dark mode when you are making use of the Facebook app. This isn’t true because Facebook has its users cover no matter the medium they are using to access their service. To enable night mode for the Facebook web version, you need to install the browser extension known as “Night Eye”. This aids you in enabling dark mode on the web version of Facebook.

How to Enable Night Mode on Facebook App

To enable dark mode on Facebook app, just follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook mobile app
  • Navigate to part of your page where you have menu icon having 3 horizontal lines
  • Click on the Menu icon
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “General”
  • Go to themes
  • Click “AMOLED” from the pop-up having a list of themes

Once you follow the above instructions, you will have your Facebook Night Mode Activated.

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