Facebook Poll with Images | How To Create Facebook Poll With Image

Facebook Poll with Images | How To Create Facebook Poll With Image – Facebook has added a new feature that makes the app simple and easy for users to access. Facebook added a new picture surveying feature that enables users to add to their post. It may include GIFs or any picture so as to allow your followers to join the good times.

Users currently have the chance to add test surveys to their regular posts and also use images for their answers. This feature is a great way of getting so many likes, comments, and shares. This feature is important for those with the aim of getting so many likes, shares or comments. Users need just to follow the steps stated below correctly so as to get an accurate result.

Steps on how to Create Poll with Images on Facebook

  • • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • • Click on the create survey option which is situated in your status box
  • • Click on the survey option at the lower right side
  • • You simply have to describe your survey
  • • Click on the GIF or photo icon to attach a photo or GIF
  • • Then you can upload your photos from your device

After these, you are to add a survey question and specify how long you will want the survey to run for. Then you can start bothering your friends for their votes which are also important. Users can make their question as long as they like however their answer field is restricted to just twenty-five (25) characters.

It is also important for users to realize that responses to surveys on Facebook aren’t anonymous. In the sense that the person that posted will be able to see the way, everyone voted in response to the question.

Users that want to support their post ought to also realize that they can help their post with paid Facebook ads. With this content, users ought to be able to realize How to Create a Poll with images on Facebook.


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