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Facebook Quiz Games are very interesting games which are instant but very fun. Some on these games are not just for fun but to educate and build up your intellect. If you are one of those persons who believe that everything we do in life must be purposeful and have an impact on our life’s then FB Quiz Games are what you need. Millions and thousands of people are playing these games. From one of my posts on games, you will discover I published Facebook Quiz Planet Game which is current one of the leading quiz games you can find on the FB platform.

As one who plays games on FB I must tell you that there are presently two platforms on Facebook you can find games and they are:

  • Facebook Gameroom
  • Facebook Instant Games

Quiz Games are instant games and these games are brief games you can use to pass time and have awesome leisure. Since gaming was introduced on FB people have spent quality time going through them and really recommend them.

Quiz Games on Facebook

There are several quiz games you can play on Facebook but I will give you just some trending one’s people find most interesting. And they are:

  • Quiz Planet Game
  • Words with Friends
  • Four Pics One Word
  • Word Shuffle
  • Word Ladder
  • Logo Game
  • Millionaire Go
  • 2 Photos, 1 Word

When you visit the Instant Games platform for the first time, you will come across a couple of them and the more you search the more you will see more of them. As said earlier, these games are not just for fun but to help improve on your intellect so you can be able to perform better when you launch into your world.

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