Facebook Recovery Code – How to Recover Facebook Account Using Code

www Facebook Recovery Code – Facebook account will give you the access to use every Facebook features and services, you can enjoy a lot from Facebook than just chatting with your friends or making new friends or looking for old ones to reconnect with, you can also use Facebook as a platform to sell and buy, Facebook could also be used to look for dates or hookups, but what happens when you lose your Facebook login credentials or you are unable to access your Facebook account? Well, you will no longer get access to any of these features and services until you retrieve your Facebook account or if you log in using the www Facebook recovery code.

Facebook recovery code can give you access to your Facebook account even if you don’t have your login password, so you have to keep it safe, secret and protected like it is your password, you can also use www Facebook recovery code when you do not have your device with you before you can get this code you must have firstly activated the two-factor authentication, after which you will be given these codes in which you could use to access your account.

WWW Facebook Recovery Code | How to Recover Facebook Account Using Code

You can get Facebook recovery code in very easy steps and once gotten, it can be used to access your account, to get www Facebook recovery code, follow the steps listed below

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. Open the Options tab, scroll down till you see settings and privacy, click on it
  4. Click on security and login then click on use two-factor authentication next
  5. Enter your Facebook password correctly then click on continue
  6. Click on recovery codes to get your recovery code.

A series of 10 different codes will be displayed, you can print them out or write them down, you can use each code only once if you have used all 10, you can request for more, to request for more, click on get new codes.

Facebook Forgot Password – FB Recovery Password 

If you forgot your Facebook password before you were able to get www Facebook recovery code, you can retrieve your Facebook password with just a few steps

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. Launch the Facebook app or use the Facebook web from your device browser
  3. On Facebook, sign-in page click on the forgot your password? link
  4. A new page will be opened where you will be asked to fill in your email address or phone number associated with the account, fill in all required information then submit
  5. A link or a code will be sent to you, this link or code will be used to reset your password

If it is a link that is sent to you, click on the link, a page will be opened where you will be able to reset your password and choose a new one.

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