Facebook Released Music Videos on Facebook – Connect with Artist and Fans – Watch and Share Music Videos on Facebook

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Facebook Released Music Videos on Facebook – Connect with Artist and Fans – Watch and Share Music Videos on Facebook – Today, Facebook just released the Music Videos on Facebook as a means of connecting people with the world of music. However, the official releases of the music videos to Facebook are only accessible to users in the United States. The introduction of the feature serves as a way for people to listens to their favorite artists from around the world. Starting from this weekend, users will be able to access thousands of music videos from popular artists and also share them with friends. The catalog of music videos on Facebook is widely spread across various music genres that include Hip-Pop, and more.

Furthermore, in the weeks to come, Facebook will try to launch the feature globally which will include some exclusive music video content. From the likes of Karol G, Calibre 50, Sebastian Yatra, and lots more.  Also, you can expect the official music video of the newly released track of Lele Pons. However, Lele Pons will be going live in other to connect with fans and also set up a fan-based. According to the reports from the Facebook Newsroom, the like of Panamanian R&B singer Sech will also release a music video on Facebook. Here are some of the feature of the new release Music Video on Facebook

Discover, Watch and Share Music Videos on Facebook

Share Music Videos on Facebook

On the contrary, the Music videos on Facebook seems to be having the same similarity with YouTube. Whereby you can easily search for music videos of your favorite artist, steam them online and share with friends. However, Facebook provides you with a much easier way in which you can discover music videos on Facebook and also share them with your friends. While, streaming videos on Facebook, you can react to videos by commenting on videos. Plus, you can share music that you listen to on your News Feed, Groups, and also Messenger.

Besides, Facebook is also planning to launch a Music feature on the Facebook Watch which is similar to the Tv Shows in Facebook Watch. This will enable users to access different kinds of music videos using genre, artist, or mod. Also make use of features like “Hip Hop MVPs,” “Trailblazers of Pop,” and lots more to explore more musical videos.

Connect with Artist and Fans

The most exciting feature of the Music Videos on Facebook is that it allows you to connect with your fans and also for fans to connect with their favorite artist. Right now, popular artists have started using the application. To connect with their fans by sharing every single moment in Stories. Plus, artists can make use of the custom AR effect and Music Stickers in promoting their music to their fan-based.

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