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Facebook Secret Crush Dating Feature | Facebook Secret Dating – Facebook secret admirers”, singles on Facebook use the Facebook secret crush dating app feature to mingle. It’s no new news that Facebook has bought Instagram, Facebook acquired Instagram so they can run and connect both platforms which give users the best experience of making friends online. Although Instagram is a bit different from Facebook in the sense that Instagram deals mainly with the sharing of pictures and videos while Facebook has different features.

Facebook secret crush feature allows Facebook users to have a crush on the Facebook dating application which is an application under the Facebook platform. Facebook daters can use a new feature called the secret crush which allows users of Facebook to be matched with another Facebook dating user from the Instagram application.

Facebook Secret Crush Dating Feature

This is the first collaboration between the two social media giants, Facebook has allowed for its users to be able to find love with the Facebook dating application, but by adding the secret crush features users can now find love not only with their Facebook friends they can also find love on Facebook through their Instagram contacts. This is the major features of the Facebook secret crush

  • They allow users to have a wider audience when trying to find love on Facebook since the including of the secret features Facebook has allowed its users the chance to not only select from their Facebook contacts but to also be able to select from their Instagram contacts so they can easily find love.
  • The two services or social media giants have always shared information on the back but with the secret crush features, they can come out boldly with their newfound friendship and help users on both platforms find love easily.

Facebook secret crush allows its users to chance to actually widen their range to find love but Facebook does not match friends up because they want people to make more friends worldwide And with the dating application users can narrow their searches to what and whom they like easily, they can narrow the location and they can find people with their interests.

How to Set Up Facebook Secret Crush – Facebook Secret Dating

The Facebook secret crush features are actually very easy to set up, setting up the secret crush features users must have already created an account or a profile with Facebook dating application which is trying to help single users of Facebook meet new people and find love. This are the steps to set up the Facebook secret crush feature.

  1. Open web browser
  2. Open and login into Facebook account https://m.facebook.com
  3. Tap on dating in the options
  4. Click on get started and create a new profile
  5. Select a location, gender, preferences and select a profile picture
  6. Facebook creates a profile and if users like it they accept it
  7. Go to the menu
  8. Tap Go to Secret Crush
  9. Tap the add icon
  10. Search for your crush’s name and add them

After following these steps users can now use the secret crush features to enable them selfs to get better chances at finding love on a Facebook dating application.

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