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Facebook Security is paramount for every FB user. Today, we find ourselves in a new age called “the digital age”. Some call it the internet age which is very fun and has contributed immensely to the developing of the world. Currently, everyone is on one social media platform or the other. Facebook, is tagged as the number one social media platform because its innovation gave people the idea that connecting the world in one place for easier communication was possible.

FB Security

One challenge users face when it comes to the use of online platforms is security. If you visit the Facebook Help Center and get to the help community, you will discover that a lot of questions come from the area of security.
Facebook tries their best to make sure that user security is major before any other thing. FB has put in place structures and information to help its users protect their accounts at all times. This is to say that issues which users face come as a result of ignorance.

Facebook Security Help

On your visit to the Facebook Security Help page, you will come across details related to your issue at hand and they include:
⦁ Hacked Account
⦁ Security Tips
⦁ Using Games & Apps Safely
⦁ Spam and Other Security Threats
⦁ Extra Security Features
To visit this page, kindly follow this link https://web.facebook.com/help/149190625213449?_rdc=1&_rdr . At the top of your page, you have a search bar which helps you lay whatever complain you may have. When you visit this page, you have to login in if you are asked to so you gain access to the platform full time. FB always wants to know their users directly so they can give them a good customer service relationship.

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  1. Willis Stice jr says:

    I tried entering my new phone number on my account and it says the number is used. It won’t let me enter my number on Facebook. Please contact me so I can give you my number and we can fix the issue please? My Facebook is Willis Stice jr.

  2. my priviouse e-mail adress (taudien@gmx.at) is not in work and i can reach that anymore….. thats why i cant get youre messages with the code, to make a new password.
    my second e-mail adress is leotaudien@outlook.de
    please helpe me!!

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