Facebook Security Measures – Facebook Security Settings – Security Settings for Facebook Account

Facebook Security Measures – Facebook Security Settings – Security Settings for Facebook Account – Knowing the reliable Facebook Security measures to follow help to prevent your account from getting hack. So many hackers are out there looking for loopholes in your account and once they can access your account, they will use it to commit havoc.

This has made many to search for means of securing their account. Securing your account involved changing your account settings but you need a good Facebook Security measures. You can see your account settings by clicking the “down arrow” beside the question mark icon and then select settings from the drop-down menu.

How to Change Your Facebook Security & Login Settings

Facebook Security Settings

In your Facebook account settings, Facebook allows you to adjust your security and login settings.  To do this, enter http://www.facebook.com and on click the Account and Login link in the left side page.

  • Choose a friend to contact if you get hacked. This feature is to help users get back to their account anytime they get locked out through their trusted friends. Facebook recommends user to choose  3-5 of their trusted friend’s contacts. The friends you select will be able to receive a recovery code with a URL that can allow you to get back into your account.
  • Where you are logged in feature helps to  keep the record of everywhere you are currently logged in or previously logged in including the logging time, device name and IP address. Always logged out everytime you are through to keep your account safe.

Another way for carry out your Facebook Security measures  is through your login. In this option  you are able to change your account password and set your account to login with your profile picture. Always use a strong password combination when changing your account password.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for your Facebook Security 

The two-way authentication allows you to log in with a special security code anytime you are accessing your account on a new browser or device. Here you will be shown seven different options you can choose from. This feature will help keep your account safe from hackers.

Facebook Security and Other Options

To activate other methods of securing your Facebook account. Make sure you follow this steps: Set your account to send alerts to you if anyone logs in a browser or device you don’t normally use. Make sure you add extra security to your notification emails from Facebook that only can decrypt.


set your Facebook privacy settings to allow you do the following:

  1. Who can send you friend request
  2. Users Who can see your friend list
  3. Who can look you up using the email address linked to your account?

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