Facebook To Viewing Instagram Stories – Instagram Story to Facebook – Facebook Users To Start Viewing Instagram Stories

The link between Instagram and Facebook continues to blur. The company is testing a new upgrade that allows users to view Instagram Stories from the main Facebook app.

Facebook To Viewing Instagram Stories

This latest feature, which was seen by Twitter user @ec_wife and confirmed by Facebook to social media consultant Matt Navarra, is a limited test for now. While Facebook has allowed users to cross-post their Instagram Story to Facebook for some time, the latest test works a bit differently.

Due to the change, Instagram users can choose to make their Stories viewable to their followers on Facebook as well. The company notes that it requires both sides to get in and link their Facebook and Instagram accounts together. “People on Facebook who don’t follow you on Instagram can’t see your Story,” Facebook says in a glance of the feature. “You’ll see story views and replies on Instagram.”

So to say, Facebook friends who also follow you on Instagram can view both your Instagram and Facebook Story without ever leaving the Facebook app.

The test comes as Facebook continues to blur the lines between Instagram and its main social network. Facebook is also working on combining messaging between the two apps, which is all part of a larger plan to link its series of app close together.

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