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Facebook Watch Channel – Facebook Watch Homepage – Facebook Video Watch Time – Download Facebook Watch – Facebook Watch is Facebook’s video-on-demand service that combines aspects of its video-sharing functionality with premium content. It allows creators to upload their own short-and-long form videos, but it also includes original comedy, drama, and news programming.

Note: Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand service, operated by Facebook, on August 30, 2018, Facebook watch became available internationally to all users of the social network worldwide.

Facebook Watch is available on iOS and Android in the Facebook app. Since its launch, Facebook has designed multiple new formats for publishers to try including live shows and series that feature interactive Portion like quizzes and polls.

How Do You Access Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch Channel

To access watch on iOS and Android look for a watch icon in your shortcut bar or the ‘more’. Bookmark. You can also find watch on Apple TV, Xbox One and Oculus TV.

Steps on How to Watch A Video on Facebook On Your Tv

  1. Get any video you want to watch on your phone or desktop and press the Tv symbol in the top right corner
  2. Click on the device you want the video to stream
  3. Enjoy the video right from your Tv

Steps on How to Access Facebook Watch on Your Phone

  1. Lunch the Facebook app
  2. Tap the menu button (the three vertical lines)
  3. Tap watch
  4. Click on the show or video you would like to watch

How Do I Download Facebook Watch?

Steps on How to Download the Facebook Watch TV App

  • Go to the App Store for your television platform (see our list for your supporter Tv and device)
  • and download the Facebook watch Tv app.
  • Open the watch app on your Tv. Click continue

How to Create a Facebook Watch Channel

Creating a Facebook channel

  1. Open the admin console, and then click it tap on channel manager.
  2. Click New
  3. Select the Facebook, you see the Facebook request for permission page starting the Alfresco is requesting permission for access. To your Facebook. Account.
  4. Click allow. You will see popup window indicating that a new Facebook. Channel has been created

16 ways to improve your Facebook video watch time

  • Post mobile friendly formats
  • Tease a special offer at the end
  • Upload directly to Facebook
  • Promote videos extensively beforehand
  • Ruthlessly. Edit video down
  • Use proven. Elements of good copywriting in your spirit
  • Make your video a Habit
  • Always include captions
  • Use pattern interruptions
  • Promote with lookalike audience
  • Spend time on the video description
  • Grab viewers in the 3-5 seconds
  • Go all-in on the emotional
  • Keep it short
  • Start with the right kind of content
  • Make it interactive

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