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Facebook Year Review Video – Facebook Year in Review Video | Facebook Year in Review – Facebook Year in Review Video is a video specially designed by Facebook to help their users have a concrete idea of what their year thus far was like. This is designed to bring to memory all your Facebook experiences and activities. Note, you can’t create this video by yourself. This is one huge way Facebook appreciates their users. The video clip is not so long but it is a perfect summary of all your activities with your friends on Facebook. Facebook sends their users a lot of videos of appreciation like:

  • Memory Videos to mark Facebook friendship
  • Happy Birthday Videos
  • Anniversary Videos

The Facebook Year in Review is a gift to every FB Users at the end of every year. You can decide to share your video with your Facebook friends to show them how they contributed to your year. I promise this video is one of the most amazing quality videos which is beautiful and comes with unique features. Always learn to share your Facebook memories with your friends because these guys made your year enjoyable and a huge success.

Features of Facebook Year in Review Video

The Facebook Year in Review Video is a summary of your Facebook year or experiences. You would be shown the following:

  • The number of likes you had
  • Number of comments you got including beautiful comments you had
  • Birthday wishes from friends
  • Reactions you had on posts
  • Posts you were tagged in and those you tagged
  • Events you were involved in and celebration you had
  • Posts which had lots of views and comments from friends

All of these in summary will show you your Facebook year. This is why you should appreciate Facebook for contributing to your happiness all through the year. All thanks to Facebook. You can see yours if you visit facebook.com/yearinreview

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