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Facebook Group Finder – On Facebook, the platform makes group recommendations based on the pages you interact with, so let’s dive in on finding groups. Facebook Group finder is the method of using the Facebook search to find the groups you like to join. Lots of groups are made available on the platform for different reasons and locations.

The platform is not just made for interacting and sharing with friends and loved by also for connecting with individuals that have interests as you. Finding a Facebook group is really simple and free. To find a group on Facebook, you need to have a profile or create one if you don’t have any.

Facebook Group Finder

Jarvee’s group finder tool is used for extracting and finding related groups. The tool is more advanced when compared to the group finder tool for LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts. This group finder tool for Facebook is simple and free to use and makes search faster and easier. With Jarvee, there are thing ways of finding groups. First, extracting from keywords, extract from local groups and extract from URLs.

Facebook Group Search Tool – How to use

As I said, there are three methods, Extract from keywords, Extract from local groups and Extract from URLs. So let’s look at how to use each one of them;

Extract from keywords

  • Thing is to add the keywords into the allocated box “Extract Groups that contain the following keywords”. Include one or more keywords.
  • If you wish to exclude some keywords, add them into the designated box for “Exclude groups that contain the following keywords”.
  • Scroll down to the Group filter section and set the filters.
  • Then the next step is to hit on the “Extract Groups” tab and the Jarvee toll will start searching for available groups.
  • You can find the results at the bottom of the finder.

Extract from Local Groups

This process is less work, it allows you to extract the groups that are relevant to your location.
Extract from URLs

This method allows you to extract the groups that are joined by your friends or other users if the groups are public.

There is also another method for finding groups that involve the Facebook group search tool. The process is simple and it is done within the Facebook platform.

Facebook Group Search

Facebook group search is the process of searching for different groups on the platform. The platform has lots of groups for various individuals and different reasons. The Facebook search can only be done by those who have a profile on the platform. You can search for groups with the following key phrases;

Groups joined by;

  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • From your city.
  • Location.
  • Any of your favorite books or celebrities.

Facebook search has a way of figuring out what you want and the group you need to join to have that, so it brings up suggestions.

Facebook Group

A group is a community or an association of people. So, a Facebook group is a place or community where different individuals with the same interests interact, connect and communicate. The association is open for individuals who share the same interests to come together and share their opinions. Groups are can be created by any users on the platform. You can join as many groups as you can manage for free.

Facebook Page Finder

The Facebook page finder is an online tool that offers a large amount of data or information about the popular pages on Facebook. Users can search for pages by locations and tags. The site currently lists over one million pages on Facebook and there’s a tool that allows Admins of pages to add to it. Although the page finder tool has been discontinued, we hope it comes back soon.

Facebook Account

As I have said earlier on this guide, to search or find a group on Facebook, you need to have a profile or create one. Signing up to Facebook is free and simple and can be done using the Facebook application or website. To sign up, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or access or browser and type in facebook.com
  • Hit on Sign up.
  • Fill in the information required, your first name, surname.
  • Date of birth, mobile number or email address.
  • Then indicate your gender and create a password.
  • If done, hit on Sign Up.

The profile will be created and Facebook will send a confirmation mail or text to use in verifying the account. Verify the account and the profile will be loaded on the device.

Facebook Login

Already have a login detail? You can log in to use the Facebook group finder by using the app or site. Follow the steps below;

  • Type in your phone number or email address and password on the field provided.
    Hit on login.
  • The profile will be loaded on the device if the credentials are right.

How to Search For a Group on Facebook

Searching for a group on Facebook is simple and free. To find a Facebook group, follow below;

  1. From your profile Newsfeed hit on the Groups tab, then hover to the “Discover” tab at the top.
  2. Facebook will recommend some groups based on your interaction with pages, your location, and the groups joined by your friends.
  3. Scroll through the available groups provided, and then click on “+Join Group”.

Most groups ask questions, so answer the questions correctly if any and Send Request. You would be notified if your request has been accepted.

You can also search for a group by;

  1. From your profile Newsfeed and then tap on the search tab.
  2. Type in a key phrase or keyword of the Facebook group you’d like to join.
  3. Once the result is loaded.
  4. Scroll Through the groups, and hit on the name of the band or click on +Join Group.

Most groups let you join immediately while most take time. Answer the questions if any to send a Request. Facebook will send you a notification once you’ve been accepted into a group.


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