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FB Marketing Online – Facebook Marketing | Facebook Ads and Business Page: Facebook, which we all know is the most populated social media platform in the world today with over 2 billion active users. Millions of businesses of different sizes and nature have benefited a great deal from using Facebook as one of their marketing platforms to reach out to customers online. Using the Facebook online marketing platform to reach out to customers is actually and easy to set up which we shall be discussing later in the article.

Facebook online marketing involves the use of Facebook marketing tools to reach out to customers on Facebook. This platform is designed to help business owners and marketers reach their desired target goals. These Facebook tools for online marketing also serve as a means to facilitate a good relationship b0p? etween customers and marketers. Below are two major sections of Facebook used for Facebook online marketing :

  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook business page.

The former is free and is more like an online store where you can set up your business and also establish a good relationship with your customers, or fans as it is rightly called on Facebook. The latter on the other hand is specifically designed to get your products to meet Facebook users interested in what you have to offer, depending on your budget and how long you want the ad to run.


Why Facebook Online Marketing? | FB Online Marketing

The importance of Facebook marketing on businesses today cannot be overemphasized, given the fact that you can always reach your business objectives using Facebook as a platform to market your brand. Let’s take a look at some of the objectives of Facebook online marketing for business owners :

  • Helps you make connections that matter: marketing online through Facebook helps you to find customers and establish a good and long-lasting relationship ship with them over time.
  • Flexibility on any device: Facebook business page and ads are designed to work on both mobile and desktop devices, this way, users are not restricted to using one particular device to operate.
  • You’re in control: Facebook puts in the front seat and allows you to decide how you want to design your business page or the kind of format you want your ad to display.


Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business page is a section of Facebook designed to establish businesses on Facebook where people can visit to know and find out more about your business and what it entails. Your Facebook business page can likely be seen as a digital store representing your business online. Creating a Facebook business page is easy to set up and should be done in a matter of minutes. Visit facebook.com/business to get started.


Facebook Ads

Over 1.6 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis, so regardless of the kind of business you’re into, using Facebook ads will definitely help get your business out there hit your target audience. Setting up a Facebook ad depends on your budget and how you want it to run. Kindly log on to facebook.com/business/ads to get you started.

These two are the most efficient ways to market your business online through Facebook. Another advantage of marketing through Facebook is that it extends your business beyond Facebook to other daughter social networks of Facebook including the likes of Messenger and Instagram.

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