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Find Friends On Facebook. – Are you bored, do you feel like hanging out with friends, or you want to meet new friends? Try searching for new friends through the “Find friend’s page” on Facebook.

About 90% -98% of individuals all over the world log into Facebook every day. Which makes it a wonderful tool for finding people you might have lost contact with and meeting new friends. Lots of people use Facebook to reconnect with their friends and family members.

Finding new friends on Facebook isn’t a problem at all, there are different ways you can go about it. You can search for friends through your existing friends’ friends and add them. You can also make use of the find friend’s page to make your search easier.

If you have friends that are not on facebook, you can send them an invitation to join Facebook and become friends with you. After sending them an invitation. Facebook automatically sends a message to the persons mobile phone asking them to join Facebook through the website sent to them.

Finding friends on Facebook can be done using a web browser or a facebook app. Below are the necessary steps needed to find friends on Facebook.

Find Friends On Facebook Using a web browser:
Click on on your web browser.
Log in with your details (email or phone number, password).
View your friends.
Respond to your friend request.
Click on facebook friend’s finder.
Go through facebook suggested friends.
See people you may know.
If you see someone you know or you wish to add. Simply click on the “add friend” button beside his or her name.
Find Friends On Facebook Using a Facebook app:
Launch your Facebook app on your mobile phone.
Log in with your details (email or phone number, password).
Click on the find friends page
Accept friend request.
Go through Facebook suggested friends.
If you find someone you know and will like to add. Simply tap the “Add friend” button beside his or her name.

After carrying out these steps, your friend will be notified and he or she has to accept your friend request before you can officially become Facebook friends.

If you also wish to find a friend using his or her name, type the person’s name in the search board and click on “Search” button. Facebook will bring out related suggestions based on the names you type. Bear in mind that if the name is a common name, you may get a lot of suggestions, then it’s up to you to identify the friend.

Note: Most Facebook users do not make themselves searchable on Facebook, probably because of some personal reasons, so you may not be able to find them.

“Remember friends are like a garden of roses which blossoms and grows like lilies, like a true treasure, many wish to have a friend, but it’s given to just a few individuals”.

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