Avatar in Comment – How to Post An Avatar Sticker On Facebook Comment

Spread the love Avatar in Comment – How to Post An Avatar Sticker On Facebook Comment – Facebook Avatar Stickers are fun stickers that can be used by Facebook users to express themselves and communicate on Facebook as they leave comments. Avatars on Facebook can be used in diverse ways. Before now, FB users already made use of emojis, stickers, and GIFs to pass messages across. These features are used in Facebook’s comment sections, and on Messenger.

With the introduction of the Facebook Avatar feature, users can now create their own stickers. Facebook Avatars are digital personas which can be created using the FB Avatar Maker. With this feature, you can create your avatar to look just like you. This striking resemblance is the reason some individuals use their avatars as their profile pictures.

Facebook Avatar Sticker

In any part of the world where the Facebook avatar feature has been introduced, Facebook users who have created their avatars can leave comments using these avatars. If you get to the Facebook comment box of any post now, you will discover some updates that have been made. Before now, you will find the following comment features with their icons and prompts:

  • Emoji – Insert an emoji
  • Camera – Attach a photo or video
  • GIF – Post a GIF
  • Sticker – Post a sticker

Most recently, you can now find the Facebook Avatar icon. This icon looks just like the anger bird icon. Once you put your cursor on this icon, you will see the prompt “Post an avatar sticker”.

Before you can start using this sticker, you must create your Facebook avatar. So, before you learn how to comment using these avatars, you must create your own avatar. Now, let’s see how you can go about it.

How to Create Your Facebook Avatar

How to Post An Avatar Sticker On Facebook Comment

  • Access your Facebook mobile app.
  • Click on the hamburger icon (the icon with 3 horizontal lines) at the bottom-right of your screen (For iOS) and the top-right (For Android).
  • Click on “Avatars”.
  • Click “Get Started” to begin creating your avatar.

How to Leave a Comment on Facebook Using Facebook Avatar Stickers

  • Access your Facebook account.
  • Locate any post of your choice.
  • Click on “Comment”.
  • Click on the bird icon which has the prompt “Post an avatar sticker”.
  • Select the avatar sticker you want.

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