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Facebook TV Shows – Facebook TV Broadcast | Facebook TV Watch – Facebook TV Live – Facebook TV shows can also be known as Facebook watch, which is a video on-demand service that has the function of video sharing and premium content combined in it. This feature of Facebook allows creators to upload all kinds of videos they own, whether long or short. These videos may be in the form of news programming, comedy or drama. Like most Facebook features and services, this one is also free and requires only a Facebook account

Facebook TV shows are inbuilt in FB and you can access it from your web browser via FB web or by using Facebook mobile app on your mobile devices or other streaming devices. It has its own tab just like the FB marketplace and messenger has theirs. Now, do not mistake FB TV shows for a replacement of cable. It is more like YouTube and less like YouTube TV because it doesn’t have live TV from networks and cables included. It is also similar to Instagram TV.


Facebook TV shows are a mixture of contents from Facebook users and other professionals that are paid by Facebook to produce and provide contents on Facebook TV shows. It has a lot in common with YouTube premium in the sense that it has exclusive original contents and regular contents but a free version. There are several ways you could find videos on FB TV shows.

One of the ways to find a video on Facebook TV shows is the editor’s picks, here, the videos are available on a large banner on the main watch site, you can toggle through by selecting the arrow on the right. Another way is via top picks. Top picks use your location, interests, videos you previously watched and your hobbies to display videos to you to watch. The editor’s picks are displayed at the top of the page while the rest of the page is covered with top picks. You can also search for a video you’d like to watch using the search option.


How to Use Facebook TV shows

To be able to use FB TV shows, you need an active Facebook account, though you can use FB TV shows without an account by just navigating to the Facebook TV shows page and playing any video but this will display a lot of pop-up messages asking you to sign up. With the steps below, you will know how to use FB TV shows.

  1. Ensure your devices are connected to the internet.
  2. Open Facebook and login to your account.
  3. Navigate to the menu bar and select watch.

Facebook TV shows or Facebook watch is denoted by a TV icon and like Facebook messenger and FB marketplace it is integrated with Facebook but has a totally different interface from the main page.

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