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Free Messenger Facebook App is the messaging app for Facebook which lets all Facebook users chat, message and keep in touch with friends and family by way of exchanging messages and chats.

The Facebook messenger is app is available for all smartphone users to include Facebook messenger app for Android and there is also Messenger app for iOS (iPhone, iPad). And it is completely free to download.

As long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, then you will be able to download free messenger Facebook app to your phone including windows smartphones.

With this, you can do more, and not just sending basic texts and chats. You can actually share moments with your family and friends by a way of sharing them with photos and videos via messenger.

There are so many features all Facebook users stand to enjoy when they download and install free messenger Facebook app to their mobile phone device. And so let’s quickly look at some of them below before I finally show you how to download the messenger app.

Free Messenger Facebook App Features

One interesting thing is that it does not cost you money to download and install messenger to your phone, it is completely free to download as long as you have internet.

You can search for friends and family and then add them up on Messenger.

Although it is a free messenger Facebook app, you have control over your privacy, such that you can easily block just anyone on Messenger and they will not be able to message you again.

Share photos, videos and other files with people via messenger and they get it instantly.

Did I tell you that Facebook messenger app gives you access to make both audio calls and videos calls to your messenger friends.

Download Free Messenger Facebook App

It is completely hassle free to download Facebook Messenger app to your phone. As long it is a smartphone and you have internet access, you download, install and start using Messenger today.

Simply click on the direct link below to download, and click on “Install” on the next page to install the app to your phone, and you are then good to go to using the latest free messenger Facebook app on your Smartphone device.

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