Free Mode Ability – Facebook Free Mode Gain Access | Facebook Free Mode Settings

Free Mode Ability – Facebook Free Mode Gain Access | Facebook Free Mode Settings – One great privilege Facebook has given users is the ability to gain access to their platform any day, any time, any where for free. This is amazing in the sense that everyone on Facebook can enjoy FB without data. There are two kinds of modes on FB and they are:

  • Free Mode
  • Data Mode

Facebook Free Mode is available for FB users who make use of the Facebook mobile app. Facebook partners with telecommunication service to make this possible. This mode allows you access FB and make use of FB Messenger. Once you switch to the Free Mode, you will observe something which is, β€œNo Media”. Your account will function properly without you being able to view any media. This can save you charge on internet bandwidth especially when chatting using FB Messenger. This kind of Mode is free from any charge whatsoever on internet bandwidth. This means, you don’t have any excuse not to access Facebook.

The Data Mode is that which requires bandwidth or data to access FB. When making use of this mode, you can view all media and enjoy more FB fun.

How to Switch to Facebook Free Mode

If you observe at the beginning of this content, I said, FB Free Mode is available in the Facebook Mobile App. So, if you haven’t downloaded and installed your Facebook App from your Google Playstore or Apple App Store, it’s high time you do so. Once you install this app and sign in, get to the top of your page above the search bar. You will see an option which says β€œGo to Free”. Once you click on it, you can now use FB for free. To switch back to Data Mode, follow the same step and switch to Data Mode. It is really that easy and can save you quite a lot.

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