7 thoughts on “Gameroom Facebook Download – How to Download and Install Facebook Gameroom

  1. Jeff Swank

    I have had Gameroom on my computer for over 3 to 5 years, and for some strange reason tonight the only game that would come up is Galaxy Control and I did have seaport, Thunder Run, and Mars Frontier. I even did a system restore and set it back to 10/16/2020, and that did no good.

    1. Nancy Greear

      same… all my games are GONE!

  2. Jane Anne Lafont

    wow me too

  3. Tanya Williams

    all games are gone when i try to go on fb gameroom it just sits there not moving, im
    ready to stop playing

  4. Kimberly Pletzke

    This is not working for me when I go to Instant games, it brings up a list of games but there is no gameroom listed at the top. please help!!!!

  5. Petra Voigt

    Kann Gameroom nicht mehr installieren. Musste deinstallieren, weil nichts mehr funktioniert.

  6. Jan Gathye

    help cannot install facebook gameroom at all


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