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  1. Jeff Swank says:

    I have had Gameroom on my computer for over 3 to 5 years, and for some strange reason tonight the only game that would come up is Galaxy Control and I did have seaport, Thunder Run, and Mars Frontier. I even did a system restore and set it back to 10/16/2020, and that did no good.

    • Nancy Greear says:

      same… all my games are GONE!

  2. Jane Anne Lafont says:

    wow me too

  3. Tanya Williams says:

    all games are gone when i try to go on fb gameroom it just sits there not moving, im
    ready to stop playing

  4. Kimberly Pletzke says:

    This is not working for me when I go to Instant games, it brings up a list of games but there is no gameroom listed at the top. please help!!!!

  5. Petra Voigt says:

    Kann Gameroom nicht mehr installieren. Musste deinstallieren, weil nichts mehr funktioniert.

  6. Jan Gathye says:

    help cannot install facebook gameroom at all

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