Google Digital Training Program – A Grow with Google Programme

Google Digital Training Program – A Grow with Google Programme – Grow with Google is an initiative by Google launched in 2017 to train Job Seekers, Business Owners, Developers, Teachers, Writers, and other fields of professions with resources to help them access more information and gain more knowledge to improve on their skills. Since 2017, 10 million individuals have been trained and have had their lives and career improved by the skills they received through the initiative.

Grow with Google offers training, resources, and tools to assist you to build your career skills or business by engaging you in Free Virtual workshops, events, and personal coaching sessions. In the midst of the Covid-19 crises, seeing that a lot of small businesses have suffered some losses, the fund is offering $125 million in relief financing through the Opportunity Finance Network to provide support for short-term recovery and long-term financing to small business owners in the US.

The advantages of the Grow with Google programme are unlimited, as you can use Grow with Google to build your business website by getting listed with Google, you’re also taught how to improve your business and marketing skills. Google indeed provides strong backing to enable small business to thrive by equipping them with free resource materials. Using Grow with Google Programme, you can search for jobs while sharpening your skills in preparation for your dream job.

Google Digital Training Program

The training offered by Grow with Google covers several fields and works of life and has helped several millions of people go from being unemployed into CEOs. Among the several fields that the training covers, some common areas are for;

Job Seekers

The Grow with Google initiative just by its name indicates that everyone can take advantage of the unlimited resources provided by Google to help themselves grow in whatever it is that they are engaged in. Job seekers are provided with tools through the programme to help them search for jobs in their field of expertise. Also, with the digital skills provided by the programme, they are given an edge over their counterparts in the same field.

Small Business Owners

Small businesses shouldn’t remain small forever, with essential information, a small business is bound to grow steadily and expand into becoming well established. Grow with Google Programme provides small business owners with necessary resource materials to help them grow their businesses, also to teach them how to engage in digital marketing thereby extending the reach of their business.


Developers require up to date tools to always improve and sharpen their skills, they also require a lot of reference materials. Grow with Google gives developers unlimited access to the current technology to help them improve their skills and the quality of the content they come up with.


Google offers great tools for writers to give them access to research, reference, and study materials from all over the world about any topic of interest. These resource materials help sharpen their skills and give them a broader perspective for their writing.

In Summary, Information truly is power, and what Grow with Google Programme provides is access to information across different fields. What is most interesting is that with a zero fee, millions of people across the world can be impacted with enough information to improve their lives.

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