Google Drive My Account – Backup With Google Drive โ€“ Using Google Drive for Backup

Google Drive My Account – Backup With Google Drive โ€“ Using Google Drive for Backup – Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that allows companies, businesses, and businesses to store files such as photos, documents, videos, spreadsheets, and slides. Google Drive is probably one of the best file storage services in the world. The collaboration tool and synchronization service developed by Google. This platform was launched on the 24th of April 2012. It allows individuals, teams, businesses, and companies to store and share files and also for easy file synchronization.

More than half a billion users in the world, Google drive is the most popular and most used cloud storage service ever recorded. As a Google user who has used the service provided by Google drive and probably you have an android phone should know it helps to pad numbers. With google drive one can synchronize files, share files and also store files on their server. One of the best collaboration tools which is flexible to use, which has fast transfer speed and good sharing capability.

Features of Google Drive

Sharing: Google Drive incorporates a system of file sharing where the user controls the public visibility file or folder. Recall that file ownership is transferable. File can be shared with other Google users using Google account (email address). File and folders can be found and accessed by the public provided it is made available on the web.

File viewing: Google drive allows different file formats to be viewed on the web. Such as image files (JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIPP), Audio formats (MP4, MP4, and WAV), video files (WEBM, .MPEG4, .WMV), text files (TXT).

File limits: files uploaded to the server are not converted to any Google formats (Docs, sheets, and slides). These files may be up to a terabyte in size. Different types of file format and their limit:

  • Google docs: up to a million characters.
  • Google sheets: U to 2 million cells.
  • Google slides: slide format not more than 100MB and image, not more than 50MB.

Third-party apps: Chrome web store made some external applications available for Google drive. For a user to be able to use this feature he or she has to sign up into a chrome web store which is supported by web browser.

Storage: Google drive comes with free 15GB free space. This is shared with another Google cloud storage service such as email and google photos but Google sheets, docs, and slides are exempted from the storage limit.

Pros and cons

  • Google drive is best recommended for storage service. This will enable to store your personal data such as phone contacts, photo, videos, slides, docs and spreadsheet and ensure end to end encryption.
  • Because of the integration, Google Drive has with other supported app makes it the most viable product. In a business world today, for an app to be well operated, it needs the needs the service of others.
  • As a user of Google drive, who has used both the free and the paid version of it. I can really testify that the paid version has more features and storage space.

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