Hot Toys for Christmas – Customs of Christmas

Hot Toys for Christmas – Customs of Christmas – Christmas is a holiday for Christians for the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. This celebration occurs on the 25th of December every year with the exclusion of some eastern churches that uses the ancient Julian calendar and Christmas for 2019 falls on a Wednesday. These days, a good number of non-Christians around the world also celebrate Christmas. In many countries around the world, Christmas is marked as a public holiday and the period of preparation before Christmas is known as the ADVENT SEASON.


The Traditions and Customs of Christmas

There are innumerous traditions and customs that are linked with Christmas based on the massive popularity and history. Most of them are already practiced around the world while some are restricted to specific regions and countries. The popular traditions include the Christmas tree and unique decorations like colorful lights, mistletoe, representations of nativity and advent wreaths. Also, special meals, singing of Christmas carols, giving of gifts, family gatherings and the statue of Santa Claus who delivers special gifts to the children who are well behaved on Christmas Eve are also part of the Christmas celebration.



The Holy Bible did not mention an exact date for the birth of Jesus. Some historians believe that He was delivered in the spring, wherefore the description of Shepherds herding animals. The chosen date which is December 25th for the celebration of the nativity was established by the western Christian churches in the early to mid-4th century. The chosen date December 25th is actually impending to the date of the winter solstice that was celebrated in most European pagan cultures.


The Hottest Toys for Christmas 2019

In case you are still thinking of the top toys to get for your kids, here is the list of the first-class trending toys for 2019 holiday season.

  • Cubby the curious bear
  • Oranguetwang kids game
  • Artie 3000 the coding robot
  • Linkimals smooth moves sloth
  • The ultimate walking buzz light year
  • Blume doll
  • Lucky fortune bracelets
  • Pictionary air
  • Candy locks doll
  • Hatchimals pixies

The choices are too much when it comes to selecting toys for your kids but this will help.

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