How Can I Get My Facebook Page Back

How Can I Get My Facebook Page Back – Facebook is a social media platform with a lot of users, it has more than two million active users, given the population of Facebook, it has made it one of the best online platform to advertise your business or brand, whether you are a small business owner or you manage a large business or you are a public figure or a celebrity. The feature of Facebook recommended for this type of advertisement is Facebook page, but in some cases where you lost access to your Facebook account, you will have to start working on how you can get your Facebook page back.

With Facebook, you can open a fan page or a business page to reach out to your fans or your customers or audience within a very short period of time. The Facebook page provides you with one of the best options to pass messages and information across to a large number of people within seconds. This can be done only with your Facebook account, but what happens when you can no longer access your Facebook page, well then you are going to lose access to your Facebook page. In this article, we are going to show you how you can get your Facebook page back.

More about Retrieving Facebook Page

When you are no longer able to access your Facebook account you automatically lose access to your Facebook page, that means you won’t be able to get across to your fans, audience or customer, well that is just temporary because by the time you are done reading this article you will know how to get your Facebook page back.

How to Retrieve Your Facebook Page – How can I Get My Facebook Page Back

If you lost your Facebook account to hackers or you forgot your Facebook password and you want to know how to retrieve your Facebook page follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your device to an active internet.
  2. Open the Facebook website with th URL on the web browser.
  3. Login to your active Facebook account.
  4. Open a new tab on the web browser.
  5. Paste and open this link in the web browser
  6. Fill in the forms appropriately then submit them.

After you have filled the form and submitted it you will be able to have access to your Facebook account and your Facebook page again.

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  1. Gina ekinde says:

    I can’t have access to my Facebook account because my 2 factor authentication has been turned on and my number changed by hacker hence I can not get a login code
    Account name (Gina Ekinde)

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