How Can One Manage #1000 For One Week?

How Can One Manage #1000 For One Week? – Saving has been the issues of most persons, from researches it has been shown that the greatest thing that happens to a man is the moment he begins to spend daily because if the amount that is spent on a daily basis is been calculated and put together it is even much more than their Salary or upkeep most times as Students. Mostly the students have thought of how they can save money easily to ensure that they do not spend than expected; carrying out series of researches it was however discovered that a major thing that takes away the money of students is unplanned expenses.

It takes a very economical person to be able to save effectively and manage a thousand naira for over a week, a lot of persons has however thought it not to be possible as they see the impossibilities in that. But some persons have proven it to be true. It may sound very impossible saving that one can actually live with a thousand naira for a week, thus the question most persons will want to ask is;

  1. If they are not feeding at all?
  2. What about my clothing?
  3. Students will ask what about my transport?
  4. What about getting small snacks and chops to eat in School?

The greatest problem of we man is indiscipline because indiscipline tells us that a disciplined life cannot be achieved, so we build our lives with that mindset and that we cannot actually live a day without putting certain things in order and avoiding certain actions totally. In this article, it will be expository teaching on how you can spend just a thousand naira for a week.

Imagine you are a student and you have set of friends that you most times enter a transport system with them; have you people ever thought of taking a stroll while going to School and possibly when coming back? You will describe it to be a poverty mentality because you want to always be on point. Most rich men you see out there, being on point is their last agenda; some of them all they tend to think about are reasonable investments that they can make that can actually yield much more.

Research has however shown that it is poor people that eat much more than the rich of which a hypothesis was drawn and carried out, the calculations found the research to be true. Have you ever thought of not buying a drink for a day or possibly taking a stroll to your friend’s place to go have lunch? You will see it embarrassing but this is what the rich people do and yet most times they don’t see it embarrassing.

A rich man can proudly make cassava flakes but the one who does not have much will want to look down on the cassava flakes claiming he wants to eat good food. The greatest problem as to why you cannot manage a thousand in a week is simply because:

  1. You want to subscribe as well as be online even when it is not producing much money.
  2. You want to always eat what is your exact appetite and have no tender to manage.
  3. You want to always avoid taking a stroll forgetting that it is an exercise.
  4. You always want to meet up and compare yourself with others.

If you among these categories above, then managing a thousand naira for a week is impossible; you can decide to divide the thousand naira into seven and use each of the amounts a day and you will be shocked that a thousand naira can last you for just a week.

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