HOW TO ATTRACT MEN – 7 Powerful Secrets to Attract a Men

HOW TO ATTRACT MEN – 7 Powerful Secrets to Attract a Men – If you have always been a tomboy in your early teens but now feeling a spark for the newcomer in your college or your new office colleague, then you might be interested in this article. If you keep thinking about how to attract men and start a conversation with him; we got your back. Here, we have provided you seven scientifically proven ways for attracting a man without talking to him.

(Rest Assured; we are not asking you to follow the crappy advice of your friend (you think is pro at dating and hook-ups) and wear revealing clothes or polish your face with all the glittery makeup or even carry those long heels you are not comfortable in. These are some of the genuine tips you can follow to attract a man.)

7  Powerful Secrets to Attract a Men Like a Magnet


Almost every woman seeks some ways to attract the guy they want to date. But only a w of them know the tricks that actually work. Obviously, it’s not a matter of looks that attracts the guy. Every woman is different and lovable in her own way. In fact, those who spend thousands of dollars in their daily makeup still find it’s difficult to land in the arms of a perfect guy.

But here is good news for all the women who want to seduce and date the man of their dreams. We have collected some great secrets and inputs from the dating experts that will help you to know – how to attract men.

1. Be in your comfort zone

Trying to do things that are out of your comfort zone and make you look foolish or unnatural is never going to impress or attract the person you are drooling over. So, it is advised you to be just the way you are.

However, if you are good at anything, then don’t miss the opportunity to express it. For instance, if you are a good singer or pro at playing the guitar, then grab the chance to show your talent in the next college event or the party at your office.

We always advise people to spend time on their passions, interest, and hobbies. Never ever try to become someone who you are not known.

2. Right Makeup

No, we are not asking you to spend hours on doing makeup; all we are saying is to groom yourself and do a bit of makeup that just enhances how you already look.

A good and most importantly, the right makeup will definitely help you to grab the attention of the one you want. Try to match your makeup with your dressing. For example, red lipstick or red shoes will suit to a red dress instead of brown outfits.

A look of confidence on your face will embrace your looks even more. This will make you look even more beautiful in the eyes of the men

3. Liveliness – Be Cheerful

It is undeniable that no one likes to be around someone who is pessimistic or always sad. So, try to be vivacious and cheerful, especially when you are speaking in the group with your crush as a part of it. You can use your personality or behavior as a trick by not speaking to anyone at all just for the one day. It will surely help you catch the eye of your special one.

Your voice will be the first thing he will notice so try to be more cheerful, joyous and exciting. Men really get attracted to the sweet voice of the women. Moreover, a woman with a smile on her face looks gorgeous.

4. Never Forget Your Self-Worth

If you want to know how to attract men, then don’t forget your self-worth or never compromise with your self-respect. Here, we are not saying you to be arrogant or bossy or dominating; what we are saying is to be confident and know what kind of man you deserve.

Don’t get into a relationship just because all of your friends are committed. If someone doesn’t meet your standards, then don’t approach him or accept his proposal.

Just remember, you are unique as well as lovable. There is no point in comparing yourself to other women.

5. Show Him Love Signs

Listen to what he talks or ask questions whenever you are with him in a group or even when only you two are together. Give your 100% attention, and he might realize your dedication towards him.

If you start giving him continuous sings of love, there is a chance he might notice you and start responding to them. Try making eye contact with him while talking and make him feel engaged in the conversation. You can also touch him lightly if the situation demands to go ahead. This can be a gentle touch on his hand or a light hug to get closer to him.

6. Share your emotions

To know how to attract a man emotionally, you can start by sharing your emotions. Here, emotions mean, talking about your feelings. For instance, what you feel about the new changes in your Office or behavior of a particular colleague. He will definitely feel special knowing that he is the only one you feel trustworthy.

Men love to hear and solve small, little issues of their colleagues and sharing your emotions might land you to his arms as well. So don’t be shy and start sharing your feelings with him. In the end, it all matters to stay positive, honest and humble with each other.

7. Play with your hair

According to dating experts, most men like women when they play with their hair. To attract a man, roll your hair flicks on your finger or simply let them touch your cheeks. You will look appealing and charming.

The scent and smell of your hair make him go crazy for sure. Style your hair in a way that suits your face well and makes you feel best. You can also take help from hair design specialists to look even more beautiful and sexy. Most of the women also color their hair to get noticed by men.

You can also use soothing fragrance scents behind your neck and wrists. Remember, your hairs play a strong role to attract men.

Read these tips thoroughly! Now, use them in your life to attract the one you want.

Summary in a nutshell,

How to Attract Men- 

  1. Be in your Comfort Zone
  2. Right Makeup
  3. Liveliness – Be Cheerful
  4. Never Forget your Self-Worth
  5. Show him Love Signs
  6. Share your Emotions
  7. Play with your hair


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