How to Create an Event on Facebook

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The facebook event page is designed to enable all Facebook users to publish an item on their facebook page and also helps them to advertise their events. It has been updated to improve handling of Facebook events added to your calendar.

The event page updates the details of any event in your calendar on a daily basis. This changes only affect events that are added as facebook events and will only update its name, date, description, and time information.

Like to advertise your events on your facebook page. There are a few ways you can do that but the simplest way is to share a link to your facebook event page (or website).

“If you’ve ever shared anything on facebook be it; a picture, video, or articles, you should have an idea of what am trying to is easier and faster to share a link but it is very limited, because you can’t detect what the link shows or what it looks like, but people can click on the link, comment, and react to It”.

Facebook has been the most effective tool when it comes to promoting an event. Facebook event page now has a new feature where you can edit and save your events if it was already added and if it appears wrong too.

Why Create Facebook Event Page?

Having a facebook event page has a lot of benefits, for instance; setting a facebook event page puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to control a number of things on facebook. Facebook provides inbuilt features for events you create which helps link people straight to your facebook event page.

Most importantly, when you create a Facebook event through a business page, it helps you to promote your events and brands.

How To Create Facebook Event Page

Let’s take a tour on how to create a facebook event page. Here are a few steps you need to create your own facebook event page;
Go to your facebook page and click on……” more”.
Click on create an event.
Add an event photo
Enter your events title, location, description, keywords, date and time.
Click on create.

Always bear in mind that all Facebook events hosted by Facebook pages are public. You might also want to learn how to edit an event on your facebook page. To edit an event for your page, quickly;
Go to your page and click on events.
Tap the event you will like to edit.
Click on…. “More”.
Click on edit.
Edit the event.
Click on save.

Once you have a facebook page the process of adding an event to it is similar to creating a personal facebook event.

Note: By creating a Facebook event page, you will be able to reach a larger audience than your own. Facebook also allows you to set up your own Facebook event fan page.

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