How to Create Facebook For Business – Sell Your Business on Facebook 2020

How to Create Facebook For Business – Sell Your Business on Facebook 2020 – Facebook was created for the aim of communication among students and in seven years it became a medium of interaction accepted all over the world. More than a decade later and it has literally become an online mall with virtually every human need, at affordable prices. Facebook evolved to adapt to these developments, became a better application that can act as a social media and at the same time a business platform with more than three billion users, we could say this is just about the right place to promote any business.


  1. Create a Facebook business page; The first step to creating a Facebook awareness of your page, to do this visit and click on the create a page link on the top right-hand corner and follow the prompts from there. After creating the page, do not just let the fire die down, be committed to the page development by being interactive and social. Make sure to create brief eye-catching content and do contests that involve prize-winning. Lastly as tough as this sounds, try to get the grey or blue badge, Facebook verification process is quite strict but the stress definitely worth’s it.
  2. Facebook business ads; Although it’s not free but will surely make the impact you want when it comes to advertising and promotions, visit or click on manage ads on the menu of your personal Facebook account. Ads can be targeted at specific people based on their activities on Facebook and your decision on the kind of people you want to target them at.

Facebook will also take you to a page where you would be asked to set your budget for the ads, depending on how long you want the ads to be on.

If you eventually create multiple pages and ads, it will be linked to your personal account, in case you do not have a personal account, no worries, just create a business account. This process will come up when you are creating an Ad or page, note that if you already have a personal account, you can’t create a business account.

  • Facebook business manager: as the name implies, this Facebook features helps you manage all your Facebook business assets like catalogs, pixels, ads accounts, pages and create a smooth working environment for employers and employees. It is operated by a manager who oversees and chooses roles for other employees and the kind of data and information they have access to on Facebook business manager.
  • Facebook catalogs; A template that contains information about the business brand.
  • Facebook pixel; A code that keeps track of Facebook ads, manages them and helps optimize them by targeting specific audience thereby improving the work rate of the ads.

Furthermore, try boosting your Facebook business reach by posting different contest ideas on your pages, i.e puzzles, questions or interacting with customers on what they think about your products. You could also set up challenges or tasks that involve your product in which the winner is awarded certain prizes.

The main point has been driving at which all these talks is this, in these modern times you need an online presence as a business brand, something that customers and potential customers can always interact with, and the stronger that online presence wax, the stronger it also gets in reality.

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