How to delete search activities on facebook

How to delete search activities on facebook: People now fear and wonder if their account privacy has been breached on Facebook, this is partly due to the news about Facebook privacy breaches, Facebook policy legal battles, and other discouraging news. The question on many people’s lips is now how do I clear my Facebook history? How do I remove third-party apps? Ultimately how do I delete Facebook permanently? Well before you consider all these, it is better to review your account profile, remove all associations and probably clear your history.


The two major things to consider to strengthen Facebook security are:

  1. Remove associations between third party apps and Facebook account
  2. Clear your Facebook history

Remove associations between third party apps and Facebook account

To remove third party permissions, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the Apps and Websites alternative
  4. Check all apps and then click “Remove.”


How to Clear Your Facebook Search History

If you tend to visit Facebook in a browser, you can wipe your search history by doing the following:

  1. On your profile page, click the View your activity log button. In a browser, the button is on the right-hand side.
  2. In the menu on the left, under Photos and Videos, Likes and Reactions, Comments, click More.
  3. When the menu expands to show all filters, click Search historyHow to Clear Your Facebook Search History Facebook Search History Browser 1
  4. You’ll see a full chronological list of everything you’ve searched for on Facebook. You can delete individual searches by clicking the Edit button.


How to Clear Your Facebook Search History Facebook Search History Browser 2

  1. You can also wipe your entire search history in one go by clicking the Clear Searches button.


How to Clear Your Facebook Search History (Mobile)

If you tend to access Facebook more on your phone, you can access this setting in the social network’s mobile apps.

  1. Go to your profile page and tap the Activity Log button underneath your profile photo. (On iOS, the button is third from the left, while on Android it’s on the far left.)
  2. Tap Filter at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to find and tap Search history.
  4. You can clear your entire search history by tapping Clear searches and tap Confirm.
  5. To delete individual entries, tap the icon next to the entry in question and tap Delete. (On iOS the icon is an arrow, while on Android phones it’s an X.)


Gain access to your search activity on Facebook
Login to your Facebook account as well as click on the Activity Log button.

This will show you a list of all your Facebook recent activities. On the right-hand left you will see a drop-down to choose Apps and Blog posts. From the checklist select “Search”.

Update: The image listed below is from an older Facebook layout. The Articles and Applications appears on the left-hand side currently. You could simply visit the appropriate setup clicking this link.

Now you can see all your search activity almost categorized under its relevant date. You could remove search task by clicking on the “Clear Searches” switch or erase the questions one at a time.

I think by removing the Facebook search background, Facebook is expected not to utilize that data to serve advertisements. I am unsure if Facebook does that or not yet there is no harm in trying.

Facebook is most definitely going to treat what people search for on its website with a whole lot more seriousness than previously. It will certainly become part of any money making plan on their mobile system in the future, so it might not be a poor idea to really eliminate your search history on it.

These are simple steps to make your Facebook account more secure but ultimately consider changing your password often. I hope you do enjoy a private Facebook Life.

I trust Facebook’s Chart Browse Tool is not new to you? well if it is, we will explain what it is. Facebook’s chart browse is a brand-new search function that let’s you look for all sort of things.

Among the several things that chart search does is mine other individuals’ profile details and ‘like’ information. Is this a bad thing? Likes and profile info is quite safe things, right? Not actually.

Chart search produces a big gold mine of exactly what is called Open-source Intelligence (OSINT). OSINT is intelligence information about individuals that is openly and readily available for the world to see and have access to. Unless you have gotten rid of a lot of specific details from your profile or made all your likes personal, then there is most likely a significant amount of OSINT offered about you through Facebook’s Chart Browse.

Getting rid of fragile individual information from your profile and concealing likes can help in excluding you from some chart searches, however, have you thought about the searches you’ve made?

Unfortunately, the searches you make on chart browse are being recorded and it belongs to your Facebook Activity Log. These searches are set by default to be viewed just by you, however, it does not mean that they do not exist. The searches are still in your Facebook Activity log, and Facebook still has access to them.  Also, your friends could see what you’ve been searching for if you leave your Facebook account open on their computer system by checking out your activity log.


How to Clear Facebook Search History?

Follow these basic actions to eliminate your Chart Browse history:


  • Visit Facebook and tap on the ‘Search’ button without entering any search option
  • On the options that pop up, click on ‘Edit’
  • Click on ‘Clear Searches’
  • You will get a pop-up notification asking if you are sure about clearing the searches you’ve made, click on ‘Clear Searches’


Log on to Facebook

Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the page and select “Activity Log” from the drop-down menu

A list of options displays on the left side of the Activity Log screen. Click “More” under “Comments” to expand the list.

Click “Search” in the expanded list.

A list of all your searches is displayed by date. To delete one search item, click the block icon to the right of the item and select “Delete” from the drop-down menu.

The “Remove Search” dialog box displays making sure you want to remove the search. Click “Remove Search” to complete the removal process.

To clear all of your search history, click the “Clear Searches” link at the top of the page.

A confirmation dialog box displays for this action, as well, reminding you that your search history helps them show you better results when you search. What they don’t say is that it also helps them collect information about you. If you would rather not provide them that information, click “Clear Searches” to remove you entire search history.



  • Tap on the ‘Search’ button without entering any search option
  • On the options that pop up, click on ‘Edit’
  • Click on ‘Clear Searches’
  • You will get a pop-up notification asking if you’re sure about clearing the searches you’ve made, click on ‘Confirm’

Note: Search logging hasn’t been disabled, it simply means that you are limiting the information Facebook collects about you and that what you have currently searched for has been cleared. You may likely want to do this, clearing your Facebook searches and activities on a routine basis.

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