How to Enable FB Lite App Dark Mode – Activate Facebook Lite Darkmode – Facebook Lite Dark Mode

Facebook Lite Dark Mode – Dark mode was first introduced on the Facebook Lite App before it was ever introduced to the Facebook Standard App. The dark mode is known to some people as “Night mode” meaning, any time you hear any of those words, it still means the same thing. The Facebook lite app is a version of Facebook which consumes less data and occupies less space on your device. It is just 2MB on your Google Playstore. Facebook Lite app is really light and comes with all the Facebook functions and features. The only thing is that these features and functionalities aren’t as advanced as those you have on the standard app.

Anybody can make use of Facebook Lite, it all depends on the condition you find yourself. Dark mode on FB Lite is a very unique and attractive theme developed to alter the background interface of the application. This makes the interface have a black or dark look but doesn’t cause any alteration in the feature and functions of the Facebook Lite App. Asides just beauty, dark mode is a solution provided to help reduce the amount of light that goes into the eyes of Facebook users. This sensitive light can damage the eyes and am sure no one wants that. Also, it helps to save battery consumption on your device. If you are interested in knowing how to activate dark mode on FB Lite, just keep reading.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook Lite

So long as you follow the steps given below, you won’t find it difficult to enable the dark mode if you are a Facebook Lite user;

  • Launch your Facebook Lite App on your mobile device
  • Click the settings icon at the top right corner of your homepage
  • Click the dark mode option to activate dark mode from the settings menu

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