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How to Get a Car on – How works | Shipoverseas – When you want to purchase a car and send it overseas or you are relocating and you need to move your car overseas what shipping service are you going to make use of? There are a lot of shipping services and companies and organizations one can use to send cars overseas and get cars from overseas too. Before anyone should select a shipping company or service, one must take note of the security measures they offer, the speed of shipping and delivery and the cost too. Just like we stated earlier, there are many shipping companies and services where one can get a car from or send a car through. is a US-based shipping company that helps send vehicles to and from the United States. Many people are interested on how to get a car on

Before taking on how to get a car on and their features let us talk a little bit on Shipoverseas. Shipoverseas is a safe and secure means of transporting cars and other vehicles overseas, there are extreme security measures taken in order to ensure that your car lands safely at the desired destination and there is also no delay in the delivery process.

How works

There are three major ways in which this international shipping company functions. We are going to explain all three to you. Read below to know how works.

β€’Β Roll On/Roll off Shipping Service – Ro/Ro – when you want to send or receive cars, trucks, lorries, and trailers from one country to another, you can use Ro/Ro. Not every country accepts this particular method of shipping for vehicles because a special dock is required to offload vehicles with entering the country with this method.

β€’Β Shipping Service in a Private container – if you wish to send your vehicle using private containers, this method is the most suitable for you. Shipping in private containers is one of the safest methods of shipping but it is also very expensive because you will have to pay for the whole container.

β€’Β Shared Container Services – if you are shipping more than 2 vehicles, you might be interested in this particular method. Here, a bigger container, which can contain up to four cars (depending on the size of each car) is used.

These are the major methods in which cars are shipped on On more information on how to get a car on click here.

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