HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK – 5 Proven Steps That Works For Everyone

HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK – 5 Proven Steps That Works For Everyone – Do the memories you created with your partner haunts you all night? Do you keep thinking, How to Get Your Ex back and live a happy life altogether?

Are you unable to get over from your recent breakup?

Well, we understand that life is never the same without the one you have once fallen head over heels in love with. And, if you want to give your relationship a second try by setting up fire in your partner’s heart, then this article is exclusively for you.

5 Proven Steps To Get Your Ex Back


Life is not fair sometimes. It gives you every reason to stay away from love after your breakup. But after staying alone for weeks and months, you quickly realize that you still have feelings for your ex. Here are some golden tips to get back your ex and date her again:

  1. Figure out if they still think of you
  2. A “sorry” can do wonders
  3. Don’t say anything negative about your partner
  4. Don’t hustle
  5. Accept the situation
  • Figure out if they still think of you

To know how to get your ex back, the first thing you need to find out is whether your partner still has a soft corner for you or not. Now, you must be wondering how to do that; well, it’s not rocket science. Meet your common friends and ask them if your ex still talks about you or the time you two have spent together. It might do the stars in your favor.

In case, if any of your close friends tell you something that your partner is happy without you or she/he has found someone else, then trust us, it is the time to stop putting all your efforts. Check our love calculator to track the love percentage between both of you.

  • A “sorry” can do wonders

Sorry might seem a five-letter word to you, but it has the power to heal what’s hurt. Find out what’s got wrong between you two. Try to find out the solution and then contact your ex to persuade him/her. Things might go in your way. While doing so, make sure you do not hurt your self-respect.

  • Don’t say anything negative about your partner

If you have friends in common (with whom you can openly discuss your relationship and who actually care for you), then never say anything wrong about him/her. If possible, speak something that can work in your favor.

  • Don’t hustle

Don’t do anything in the heat of the moment as it may worsen up the things. Give some time and space to your partner so that he/she can think over the things with a cool head. Hit the iron when it is hot; in other words, when you hear a word from him/her or a common friend of yours tells you that he/she still misses you, then take the right step.

This could be anything, such as sending him/her a text message or sending him/her a bunch of flowers, etc. To know more on how to get your Ex back fast by text message, make sure you start with a normal message asking him/her about the wellbeing. You can also read our quick guide on how to start conversation with a girl.

  • Accept the situation

You gave best to convince your stubborn Ex to get back. But she denied it completely.

Whatever is happening, it’s making you stronger and powerful to deal with this negative perspective of life. Be thankful to this person, he/she is the reason for your mental growth. Use this experience to make yourself better and wiser for avoiding the same mistakes in your future relationships.

Start treating yourself like you are a very special, unique and amazing person. To sum up, you have to accept the situation and move on from the constant thoughts of getting your Ex back.

After giving your all, if you still get nothing, then it is better to focus on yourself and do things that make you happy. Remember, there is nothing above or beyond than self-love.


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