How to Live with the One You Hate

How to Live with the One You Hate – I read this somewhere a long time ago, but still remember. We get a lot of people in life whom we don’t like, but then also we have to live with them or maintain relations with them. It becomes very tough when we have to live with someone who thinks in a different way and soon the misunderstanding and lifestyle develops a feeling of hatred.

Here are a few tips to improve your relationship with the one you hate:

  • Understand: The basic reason to hate someone is because you don’t like the way he/she thinks or the way he/she behaves with you. There is always a reason behind the thinking or rude behavior of any person. For e.g., Your uncle might keep on telling you to stay away from a bad habit, even though he might be involved in that, but he tells you because he doesn’t want  you to repeat the mistake that he has done. Thus, try to think about it and take positively.
  • Rude behavior: Second reason to hate someone is rude behavior of that person. You again need to find out that why he/she is rude with you or others as well. May be that person is having habit to talk rudely, but don’t have any hard feelings for you. For e.g., that person might have seen bad times in early life and that affected his/her nature. Situations does change people. Thus, before hating anyone try to understand the reason behind it.
  • Forgive: I can understand that it might be difficult to forgive others for more than three times. But I can assure you that one day they will realize their mistake and start behaving nicely with you and  will surely understand you. If you give love 10 times, they have to return it back to you. Love can easily remove harsh feelings from heart.
  • Talk: Once you understand the reason behind the difference between you and another person, it is better to talk in a positive and calm way about the problems created between both of you. But while discussing, you need to find suitable time when another person is in a good mood. If you will talk to him/her when he is in a good mood, he will understand what you want to convey. While talking, you need to be calm even if another person is getting angry.
  • Positive: You need to be positive for changing your thinking about the one you hate. Everyone has some or other positive points and you must see positive things and ignore negative points. If you will behave nicely, he/she have to behave nicely with you. It is up to you what you want to choose in a relation hate or love?

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