How to Play Bingo Blitz Game on Facebook – Cheats and Tricks for Winning (Getting Power-Ups)

How to Play Bingo Blitz Game on Facebook – Join the millions of individuals playing Bingo Blitz on Facebook. The game has over 5.5 million likes on Facebook. This shows you how much love people have for the game. You are allowed to play the game on your Facebook platform and on Facebook Gameroom. There are several communities created for this particular game on Facebook.

About Bingo Blitz – Getting More Power-Ups For Winning

Each game of bingo has a power-up meter in the upper right. Any time you tap a square whose number has been called, the meter will increase. When it fills all the way up a random power-up will appear. You can then just tap the meter to use the power-up. The meter will then enter a cool-down period and after it cools down completely you can refill it again to activate more power-ups. These power-ups are your biggest bet for getting bingos and the rewards that come with it.

Coin Square – It will add a gold coin square to each of your cards and play. When these are done correctly, you will get free coins.

Treasure Square – Just like the coin square but will add those treasure chest squares to your card which will contain great rewards if you can get them.

Single Daub– This mark one of your spaces on each of your cards automatically like if their numbers have just been called. Guarantee to increase your bingo progress.

Double Daub – It is a more powerful version of the single daub power. You get two free daubs per card. It will make your power-up meter charge up faster and cool down almost instantly for the whole rounds so you get more chances to use power-ups.

Instant Win – This extremely useful power-up will make each of your cards have an instant win star on one of the spaces. If the announcer calls that space and you daub it, you get an instant BINGO which is very cool.

Double Winnings – This will double all your credit winnings for that round of BINGO

Double XP – This will double your experience points game

How to Play Bingo Blitz Game on Facebook

Bingo Blitz isn’t really accessible on Messenger but if you have Facebook Gameroom installed, you can easily search the game and start playing. To play this game on Facebook, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in your Facebook account on your PC (Facebook Web Version)
  • Using the search bar at the top of your homepage, search “Instant Games”
  • Click on the Instant Games page link and you will be directed to the install games page
  • From the categories below the search bar click “Find Games”
  • Then search “BINGO BLITZ”
  • You will be given the option to play on Gameroom or on Facebook

How to Play Bingo Blitz Games on Facebook Mobile App

For the fact you may have issues accessing this game on your Facebook Messenger App, using the FB mobile app is the best option. Follow the steps below to access the game:

  • Open your Facebook App
  • Using the search bar at the very top, search “Instant Games”
  • Click on the Instant Games page link
  • Click the Play Game button
  • You will be directed to the gaming page
  • Search for the Bingo Blitz Game
  • Finally, click “Play Now”

Join over 1 million individuals playing this game on Facebook.


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