How to Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game – Hack on How to Get a β€œ6” Endless | How to Cheat in Ludo Game

Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game is a very interesting game which is a perfect replication of the Ludo game. This is just the digital format of the game. Messenger Ludo Club is a multiplayer game requiring four players to play. One thing about every game is that some factors affect your winning. Manually, getting a Six can help you a lot because it aids your movement. You get to move a lot faster than your opponents and get more of your seeds out.

In playing this game, you have four sections for different opponents with seeds of different colors which helps every player to identify their own seed. Everyone is required to roll a pair of dice. Any once these dice finish spinning, they present two values at the top which when added tells you how many steps to move your seeds.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game

Before you play this game on Facebook, you need to first be a Facebook user. If you haven’t signed up yet visit or better still if you have the FB App on your Android or IOS device, you can click the signup button and input all the details required. Once you done, you can sign in your FB Messenger app and enter your login details.

To find this Ludo Club Game, follow the steps below:

  • At the top of your Facebook Messenger App search β€œLudo Club”
  • Click β€œPlay Game”
  • Wait patiently for the game to load

You can invite your friends and play against them to know who is better.

Hack on How to Get a β€œ6” Endless

As side earlier, getting a β€œ6” continuously can really help you win the game and your friends would start wondering how you do it. Here is how it’s done;

  • Make sure you have your gaze on the parts of the board which your opponent got a six
  • Wait patiently till your dice gets to the exact angle
  • Make sure you roll on that exact spot or angle and you will get a six

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