How to Post on Facebook Marketplace – How to Sell on Facebook Free | Best Selling Groups on Facebook

How to Post on Facebook Marketplace – In Marketplace, sellers are allowed to post as many products as they like for sale because selling here is free. Facebook users are very aware of the fact that sales can be done using pages and groups but with the initiation of FB Marketplace, things have really changed for businesses and people who do business.

Marketplace is an online shop where users visit to purchase any item. When you look through this, you will come to the conclusion that Facebook has the world in mind in connecting it. To sell on FB you are required to post the items for buyers to see.

How to Sell on Facebook Free

When you get in the Facebook Marketplace and you decide you want to sell, the steps are very easy. Simply follow below:

  • Login your FB Account
  • Navigate your way to the Marketplace icon and click on it
  • Click on “Sell Something” or “Sell”
  • From your phone gallery add photos of the item
  • Tap “Add Photos”
  • Input you’re a title for the item, price, and description

Now that’s how to post on FB Marketplace.

Best Selling Groups on Facebook

There are a lot of selling groups on FB and searching for the best amongst them can stress you. There are no particular groups which qualify as best but I will give you a hint on how to get highly influential groups which will help you make a sale.

Get on Facebook, search “Selling Groups”. You will see a lot of referrals as regards groups to join. Check carefully, you will see groups having from 100 thousand and above. Join those groups because, the larger a group, the more buyers you would be exposed to.

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