How To Put In 10% And Make 100% From Investing (Don’t Be A Loser)

How To Put In 10% And Make 100% From Investing (Don’t Be A Loser) – The idea behind investing is multiplication. You don’t need to be Albert Einstein or a Math guru to be successful or make wise choices (Of course you have to be math literate). Remember the idea isn’t to bury the money and dig it up 10 years later, rather the idea is to keep the money moving with the aim of multiplying it. If you want to maximize your returns from investing, you’ll need to be doing these under listed things.



Consistency cannot be overemphasized when it has to do with investment and basically everything success is demanded from. Consistency is the reason why two persons may start writing a book from the First day of January, the same year, one finishes by July but the other doesn’t get to finish his book that year or ever. You must follow through your investment plan with diligence and consistency. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide you’re not just feeling like it anymore. If you’re ready to enjoy the totality of your returns, then you must embrace consistency and never let it go.


Reduce Your Investment Fees

While it may be nearly impossible for you to completely eliminate those investment fees, for example, Paying your broker, or however the investment fee comes, you could reduce them smartly. You may have not been paying much attention to how much these investment fees are accumulating to in the long run, try taking a few minutes to calculate how much will be deducted from your returns in the next ten years while you continue paying those fees. If you just did this, then you should realize how much these fees can accumulate to with time. My advice is that you find another way around the block, you could get an online investment advisor for less the amount or even for free, but you must be sure you’re not trying to outsmart yourself.


Don’t Be Moved by Market Fluctuations

Don’t start panicking because there was a slight or even huge shift in the market. Take a deep breath and don’t make hasty decisions, remember you must be consistent. Don’t stop investing or withdraw just because you experienced a few setbacks, continue investing in your portfolios, this leads us to our next point.


Diversify Your Portfolio

To ensure that you are not in a disadvantaged position no matter what happens, the best step is to diversify your portfolio, like the saying goes “Don’t place all your eggs in one basket”. You may not be able to accurately predict how the market will turn out, but you can ensure that particular loss doesn’t leave you bankrupt. The bottom line is to spice up your investment portfolio by diversifying it.


Remember Taxation

Before you start getting that adrenaline rush about your returns and start diving into your fantasies, remember your tax isn’t going to pay itself. On this note, try investment plans that don’t attract too much taxation, so you don’t have to suffer while making your government rich.

In summary, investing requires some calculated steps in order to yield the returns that you desire. Practice the above-listed suggestions and see how they help you maximize the returns on your investment, and if you’re already doing them, it means you’re on the right path.


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