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How to Start Your Advert Campaign – Business Ads Website | Different Kinds of Website Adverts – The world we live in today has been evolving in the past decades with no doubt. This evolution has also been seen on the web/internet technology part. Presently, it appears that people of this century prefer to use the internet to advertise their businesses than the formal traditional marketing methods like TV and radio ads, newspaper advertising, billboards advertising, etc.  In the nearest future it is expected that companies will spend more money on digital advertising than on traditional ads.

For people that just started new businesses and would want customers to know the kind of business that he or she does (advertise), then website advertisement should be the option that the business owner should choose. This is because advertising business on a website is cheap, though website advertisement allows your business to be seen by a targeted market which is good, and also you can choose to advertise your business on websites that are related to your type of business. However, some websites online may not accept advertising from just anybody, but many will accept direct advertising, and advertisements placed through a third party. one of the most popular third-party advertising services used by websites is Google AdSense Which can be utilized by advertisers through the Google AdWords program. One of the good things about advertising is that once you place your business advert on a website, the website has the ability to generate new customers for you 24/7.

Different Kinds of Website Adverts

How to Start Your Advert Campaign

Advertising on a website can come in different forms:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Link
  • Video

In many situations, the person that owns the website that you would like your business ads to appear has control over what kind of adverts are placed on his/her website. Some people have better luck using imagery, while others make more money using text-based ads.

Text Ads

Text ads are simply words used to describe the company or products that are put on the market. They are one of the most common kinds of ads and they are widely used throughout the Internet.

Image Ads

They can be seen in the form of simple graphics of products or services to elaborate moving and interactive Flash-based banners.

Link Ads

They are ads that are made up of simple text links without images and are limited to a single line.

Video Ads

Video ads are normally used by buoyant business owners. They are sometimes called the “rich media ads” and are generally interactive.

How To Start Your Advert Campaign

The steps below show how to start your advert campaign;

Google AdWords

  • Sign up firstly with Google AdWords as an advertiser.
  • Log into your account and follow the instructions for setting up a new ad on the content network.
  • Select a targeted site option for your advertisement, and type in the domain name of the site you want your ads to run on.
  • Save and activate your new ad campaign.

Direct Advertising

  • Go to the website you want to place an advertisement.
  • Explore the page to find a link for the advertising options. The links may say “Advertiser information,” or “Advertise on this site,” or something similar.
  • Lastly, go with the instructions given on the advertisement page to get your ad campaign started.


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